Monday, September 12, 2022

Movie Time

I'm feeling better today.  It's Monday and I'm home alone.  I was tired and rested for most of the morning  Suzanne called me and it was a joy talking to her.  I hadn't heard from her all weekend and I was just a little bit worried, but in the back of my mind I knew that nothing was really wrong or she definitely would have called me.  She was just busy helping Matt & Victoria.

It's after 2:00 p.m. and Rick told me that I should watch a movie today with Sylvester Stalone called, "SAMARITAN," on Prime.  He said that it was really good, but that I needed to pay close attention to it, or I would miss something important.  So, I have turned it on, and it's time for me to pay attention.  Bye.

Tuesday, August 09, 2022


Today is Suzanne's 58th Birthday and it is hard to believe that she is 58 years old.  She's my baby and the youngest of my three children, whom I love very much......I love all of them very much.

I hope that today and everyday is a very special day for her and that she spends her birthday with those she loves, and those that cannot be with her today, I'm sure that they are thinking of her with love.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET SUZANNE!!!! And I hope and pray that you have many more birthdays to come.  I love you!

This last picture of Carson, Suzanne and myself was taken today, and as you can see, Suzanne hasn't aged at all since that older picture was taken years ago.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Jybow died today at 3:00 P.M.

R.I.P. my sweet Jybow. She was Jimmy’s buddy and now they can be together again. Jybow never stopped waiting at the door for Jimmy to come out, but now her wait is over.

Jybow came to us in the Fall of the year that our sweet doggy PJ had passed on in August. Jybow was the same color as PJ and we saw her as a blessing sent down from heaven to ease our pain from losing PJ.

Jimmy loved Jybow and kept her close to him. She slept between the buttons of his flannel shirts, she was that small and needed much attention. She came to us as a sick little cat with crusted over sore eyes, needing a bath desperately and de-fleaing.  

After being here a week she looked much better and seemed to love being the center of our attention. She was a very smart kitten and learned how to fetch right away. I loved eating Smarties candies and I would roll up all of my Smarty paper wrappers into small balls and Jybow and I would play with them on the bed. I would toss them over to her and she would swat them back to me, but one day the smartie ball fell on the floor and she quickly jumped off the bed to retrieve it, so that we could continue to play. It was then that I decided to start slowly throwing the smartie balls a little farther and farther each time and Jybow would always fetch them back to the bed so that we could continue to play. It wasn't long that I was throwing the balls across the bedroom, thru the living room and passed the hallway and into the far bedroom. She always hunted the smartie balls down and brought them back to me. That's how the fetching got started and soon after that I could toss one of PJ's stuffed little monkeys the same way and she would fetch it back to me or to Jimmy.

Jybow became more like a dog. She followed Jimmy everywhere and stuck to him like glue. They became inseparable. She didn't like using a little box so Jimmy would let her out whenever she asked. Jimmy often laughed and said that he felt like a doorman for Jybow, always letting her in and out. She never had an accident inside and when we thought that we would be gone for an extended amount of time we would put her outside. She loved being outside, so she didn't mind at all but was always there waiting to greet us when we came back home.

Jybow was a very happy cat full of life. I fed her only dry cat food and she seemed very satisfied with that until one day after a trip, my daughter Suzanne told me that Jybow loved chicken sandwiches. I told her that Jybow wouldn't eat anything but dry cat food, but Suzanne proved me wrong. For Suzanne she would gladly share a sandwich with Suzanne. Jybow continued to eat dry cat food until about a year ago when I discovered that she had lost some of her teeth, so I started feeding her wet cat food.

We are all very saddened by Jybow's death, especially her cat friend Squeak. Squeak didn't want to leave her side today, so we both remained with Jybow until she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. I buried her in the backyard next to PJ, Daisy, Callie, Little Harley and HopALong.

Jybow was the oldest cat that I ever had. She remained with us for about 19-20 years. I'll really miss her.

I love you Jybow!

Friday, July 15, 2022


Today is Rick's 61st birthday and it is hard to even give him his gift today.  He's been so nice and sweet all month, but then last night he was talking to his cousin Harold and said something that really rubbed me the wrong way, about how he really feels about the 30 year relationship between his brother Robert & Betty and also, our relationship.  Upon hearing him I immediately just blurted out, "Well, you just ruined your birthday tomorrow!" and from that point on until today, he's turned his back on me and is clearly upset.  He doesn't for one instance think about how upset it was for me to hear that I mean nothing to him and that we are not anything like a married couple, even tho we clearly are not married.  We just live together and have been living together for several years.    

These past couple of months I was so excited while I was shopping for a special gift for him, and in fact I bought him two gifts, but I think I'll only give him one under the circumstances and, maybe I won't even give him that one.  His gifts are both expensive, but I bought one first and then while he and I were out one day, he expressed an interest on something he really liked, so I went back and bought him that item too.

The last item is gift wrapped, and attached is a very special card that I thought was perfect for us, but now everything won't be the same.  I won't be able to happily give him the gift in that special happy way that I had hoped to.  

I wished him a Happy Birthday first thing this morning and he just ignored me and said something grumpy under his breath and then took his cup of coffee and went out to sit on the porch so that I would leave him alone.  After his coffee he told me that he was taking his moped out to fill it up with new gas.  He didn't return for an hour and a half, so I went for a ride.

When I got home from my ride I asked him how his ride was and he still didn't really want to talk to me, but he did want to know where I had gone and I told him that I just went for a ride, which was true.  I rode to Livingston, Ky. on old U.S. 25 South, checked on the price of gas there ($3.99 per gallon) and then I drove straight back home.  That was it.

I've been trying to talk to him, but he's still upset.  I want to give him his present, but I want it to be a happy moment and not just a moment where he opens his gift and tosses it down or puts it away, never to be seen again (like every other gift I have ever given him).  It seems that I'm always more excited about his gifts than he is, so maybe I should just do what he does on my birthday.....NOTHING.  I don't even get a salutation of Happy Birthday until after the fact when he sees that one of my children have given me a gift or have taken me out to eat.  He never bothers to know when my birthday is, but he writes his birthday down on the calendar so that I can see it and he makes sure everyone knows that his birthday is coming up.  I can probably almost tell you what happened when he left here this morning......He probably, but I don't know this for a fact, he probably went to see his brother Tommy to make sure that he knew that it was his birthday and he probably got Tommy to buy him breakfast for his birthday.  The reason I'm thinking this is because Rick left here this morning early without breakfast and Rick always makes sure that I know that it makes him sick not to eat breakfast right after he drinks his coffee.

Maybe things will get better, but Rick is a worrier and keeps himself all stressed out with things that shouldn't even concern him.  He worries about everything and everyone and about how he thinks they should be doing things and living their own lives, when actually it's none of his business how other people live their own lives.  It's not something he can control or should control.  He has high blood pressure and all of his family, including me, can see why.  He just keeps himself all worked up over NOTHING, whether it be at work, at home or with someone else's home.

UPDATE:  7:00 p.m. and Rick is still being Rick so I guess I have given myself two gifts, and wasted $3.79 on a useless Birthday Card.  I can't reuse the card because I wrote a note in there for him.....a very sweet note that he will never read.

He's gone out again and I'm drinking my sorrows away.  Just something to numb the pain a little.  I know better than to drink too much.  I need to cook myself some supper.  All I've eaten today was a small bowl of oatmeal around 2:00 p.m.

I'm spending my time cleaning out the cat houses and washing their bedding.  I was going to mow, but that can wait until tomorrow.   I helped him mow his yard yesterday, but I'll have to mow my own yard tomorrow.  It sure needs it! 

UPDATE #2:  Several days later Rick asked what happened to his birthday present so I got his card and gift and I happily gave it to him.  He read his card, didn't say much, but when he opened his gift and looked at it, he didn't like it.  It was an expensive new Boker pocket knife with 2 blades and a bone handle, but since the blades were made of stainless steel he said that he didn't want it and told me that I should take it back and get my money back.  I took the knife back, but you can imagine how sad it made me feel.  I replaced the knife with a $100 dollar bill and he took that.  I shouldn't have given him the $100 after the way he acted, but it made me feel better that I at least gave him something.  Rick doesn't appreciate anything that I do for him, but that's not my problem and I'm not changing who I am just because he's such a self-centered jerk.  Someday when I'm dead and gone maybe someone that he cares a lot for will treat him the hurtful ways that he has treated me all of these years.  I firmly believe that you reap what you sow.  As his young niece Lessie once said about him, "Rick is an ugly mean spirited bald headed man, who never has anything nice to say about anyone," and that describes him to a tee.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

The colors of the sky reached to the ground

I don't know if you can see it, but the white on my cat Squeak's coat is a shade of pink and so is the board that she is sitting on.  

The air, as I looked out my dining room window late last night and living room glass front door looked an erie shade of pink.  I tried to capture it with my cell phone camera, but the pictures didn't do it justice.  

These are the best pictures that I got.  The air doesn't look pink, but you can see the pink shade on the railings, and the board that the cat is sitting on.  Those are definitely not a shade of pink usually.

This was the color of the sky at the time. It was beautiful to say the least.  It's at these times when I wish that I had a really good camera that could capture exactly what the human eye is seeing.  But then, I guess every human eye might not see things the same as my eyes see them.

I just had a thought!  What if someone would invent an implanted camera lens behind your eyes that would snap pictures whenever you asked it to and then bluetooth them to your computer or phone so that everyone could see what you saw?  Wouldn't that be great!  Then you wouldn't have to try to describe to others what you saw and how beautiful it was, they could see it for themselves.

I know that most everyone has seen how beautiful and green everything appears after a rain storm.  It must be the humidity that also makes the air look like it has a hint of green to it.  I love it when you can actually see the air........not the smoggy air like I used to see as a child in California, but the air that is tinted by the sky's colors or the greenery of everything around us after a rain.

The colors of the sky reached to the ground