Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dennis and Laurel: Visit April 10 - 12, 2014

We had a wonderful visit with my brother Dennis and his wife Laurel who came to Berea to visit.  It was VERY NICE seeing them again and I hope that it certainly won't be their last visit here.  Maybe the next time they can stay in Boone Tavern which my brother said was very nice.  Although I live here, I haven't been in Boone Tavern very much, and it was also years ago since I was in there.

We ate out a lot, did a lot of talking and some shopping.  These past few days Jimmy and I were like tourists in our own home town.  Berea is a beautiful place to live and to visit, and we love it when family comes to visit, and we hope they come back soon :)

Here are just a few of the pictures that we took, and if you want to see more pictures of our visit just Click Here.