Monday, January 26, 2015

the cats

Another unexpected snowfall early this morning, that was unexpected to me that is. When I fell asleep last night it was raining, so the dusting of snow that we received came as quite a surprise. It'll melt just as our previous snow melted, because the temps will be above freezing later this afternoon. It's a good day to stay in, wash a load of clothes, do a little vacuuming, dust and maybe even sweep the floors. Do I have any volunteers to come over and mop? I didn't think so. Oh well, I guess it's up to me unless I can get one of the cats to jump in soapy water and wallow all over the floor.

Nothing in particular has been going on around here. I've gotten a couple of unexpected and welcomed phone calls from distant family members. By distant, I mean that they live far away, as in miles.

Things are going as you would expect for someone who has just been widowed in the last three or so months. I still don't want to leave the house and most days I don't. I have my cats to take care of and who comfort me when I need it. If it wasn't for them I don't know how I would have handled this whole thing. They have kept me grounded and busy looking after them like a bunch of little messy kids. They need me and I need them right now, and no one understands that. I keep the house clean for them because anyone who has cats knows that cats like things clean.

That's about all I have to say for today.

Friday, January 23, 2015

New CPAP machine

Hello!  I'm still here.  I got a brand new CPAP machine and I am now reduced to wearing a nose pillow with a small strap that fastens by looping around each ear.  I wasn't sure whether the ear straps would stay on all night while I sleep, but so far so good.  After two nights of wearing 'my ear gear' (I used to call it my head gear), I feel very energetic.  It's amazing what a little more air can do for a person.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Jabber, Jabber, Jabber

I'm feeling really good this morning.  I got a good nights sleep last night and even made it all the way to REM sleep.  I dreamed whole stories, not just bits and pieces and had some great adventures, until I caught some dreaded disease and all the doctor could do for me was to give me a hug.  I think that meant that I had some incurable affliction and I was doomed to die a slow and painful death.  That's what I get for watching a jungle movie right before I went to bed last night.

We're finally getting some sun and decent weather today.  Not warm weather, but just above freezing.  The snow missed us yesterday, and I have a history of loving snow, but I no longer love it so much, now that I am alone.  It's just too much work, scraping windshields, shoveling walkways, breaking ice.....just don't want to do that anymore.  I'm not saying that I wouldn't get out and help build a snowman, I just don't want the work that's involved with snow and freezing temps.

I have an orange cat on my lap that's going to have to move so that I can get up and take a shower.  This cat belonged to Jimmy and we all thought that this cat would never take up with anyone else, but I find it somewhere near me as I sleep and on my lap when I sit down.  Sometimes it follows me around the house and other times it just finds a place to nap and wants to be left alone.  It's a cat after all....

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

One day when Carson was here and enjoying petting the cats, he walked by the cats toy box and saw the tail and said with a worried and puzzled look, "What happened to that kitty?"

(no title)

I really do need to get my Internet browser fixed on my laptop, because I don't like using my tablet to write here.  It's too slow having to type with two fingers and I lose my thoughts along the way.

Even though I woke up at 4:30 a.m. I still got a good nights sleep.  I'm back on the couch again because it gives me more comfort than in that big ole empty bed.  Even tho it fills with cats during the night they are not Jimmy.

I have to break free of this hermitizing role I have placed myself in, this self imposed imprisonment.  I don't want to leave the house anymore and am quite satisfied staying right here at home watching Netflix movies.  I did have to leave yesterday, tho briefly,  for a doctors appointment forced on me by a company who told me that if I didn't make an appointment soon that I would have to pay for my own CPAP supplies.  The appointment was good and my pulmonary doctor had nothing but praise for me.  I have lost weight and my blood pressure still remains 117/70,  just like it was two years ago when I saw this doctor last.  I'm still on absolutely no medications which is remarkably good for a 70 year old.  Of course that doesn't guarantee anything.  I could drop dead tomorrow, get hit by lightning or a car.

What's on my agenda for today you might ask?  First a good hot cup of coffee while watching the morning news to see what the rest of the world is doing.  Then I will email my friend Gail who lives in sunny Florida to see what is going on with her today, and maybe, just maybe, I will clean the house today.  It sure needs it!

Right now tho, Jimmy's cat Jybow, needs some attention from me. She is insisting on laying in my lap and it is getting very difficult trying to type over her, so I think I will have to say goodbye for now.