Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Wrap-Up

It's a good morning.  The sun wants to break through the clouds and shine, but it's having a difficult time doing it this morning.  We had a nice soaking rain for the last couple of days, not constantly, just now and then, but still a nice soaking rain.  I can see the trees all smiling this morning and the flowers and plants have all perked up, and have turned a greener, brighter shade of green.

Jimmy had a nice day yesterday.  His brother Allen had invited him to go to a fish fry in Cartersville, Kentucky, so that's where we went to eat yesterday afternoon.  Brian and Reva went with us too and it was like a family reunion for Jimmy because lots of his relatives were at the fish fry.  Even Ed and Annie all the way from Florida were there.  It was a good fish fry and Jimmy ate a plateful of food followed by a dessert of his choice afterwards.   We all left with full bellies :)

I try to get Jimmy out of the house everyday, but he tires so easily that it is always just to get something to eat, which only requires a short walk.  Some days are better than other days, and some days are less painful to him than other days.  He stays fatigued and now because of the fracture in his spine he walks at a snails pace.

Yesterday was Dylan's 10th Birthday Party, but Jimmy didn't feel up to attending a party filled with lots of screaming little children.  He likes seeing his great-grandchildren one at a time, but not all of them at one time.....and there are lots of them!  I'm sure Dylan's party was a great success and lots of fun for Dylan.  
Happy Birthday Dylan!

Friday, July 18, 2014

My kids are the GREATEST

Yesterday we spent a very enjoyable day visiting with Sharon and Brian.  They both came over to the house, Brian on his motorcycle and Sharon in her sporty little red convertible.

Brian charged up our motorcycle batteries, which were dead as a door nail and couldn't be charged, and I got to ride in Sharon's car.  She took me to run some errands while Jimmy stayed to help Brian, then upon our return we all went to Papaleno's to eat and then on to the Fudge Shoppe for an ice cream cone.  It was a very relaxing and enjoyable day.

Today Brian rode his motorcycle over here in the rain.  He comes almost daily to help Jimmy out.  He's a good son.  Our neighbor, who is about Jimmy's age always has one of his son's or grandson's at his house helping him out and I look around at our house and feel so blessed that both Jimmy and I have children who come to help us out and to visit also.  Getting older isn't so bad after all.  

Since it was raining I told Brian that today there would be no work done here at our house, but that we were going to go out to eat with Ray and Suzanne.  Brian was happy about that :)  Yesterday he ate with his sister Sharon and today he would eat with his other sister Suzanne.  We were all beaming from ear to ear because it's a treat to eat out with Suzanne.  I just wish that Sharon could have been with us today too.  Today we went to Cracker Barrel and it was again a very enjoyable day.  

I feel so blessed to have such loving children.  Suzanne calls me once or twice a day, Sharon is in constant communication with me thru text messages, pictures, videos and FaceTime,  and Brian calls to talk when he doesn't come over.  I have been trying to send each of them little surprise packages, because I know how exciting it is to receive little surprises brought by Larry the FedEx guy....I hope he delivers in Winchester???  

Suzanne was laughing today, saying that the FedEx guy is being kept very busy delivering packages all over town sent by none other than the lady who is breaking his back delivering heavy boxes to her house.  Believe me, I'm not sending packages all over town.   She just said that because she received her little surprise today.    

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Long Time

I just noticed that it has been several days since I have been on here to blog.  Not much has changed in my life, it's all still about the same.  Jimmy has good days and bad days, and I try to keep my head above water as much as I can.

Brian comes to visit and to help in any way he can, every other day or so, which is GREATLY APPRECIATED.  It keeps him out of trouble, hahaha.  Just kidding.   Truthfully, it gives me someone to enjoy eating with, because if anyone loves to eat it is me and Brian.

Yesterday I went with Brandon, Brian & Reva to the bicycle shop on Richmond Road in Lexington, Kentucky.  Brandon had gotten himself a used bicycle and later discovered that it didn't have brakes, so we went to get some brakes for his bike, and afterwards we stopped at Texas Roadhouse to eat.  I also had to stop and pick up a six pack of Frontline Plus for our newest set of kittens.  I had already put a six pack of Advantage Multi on our older cats, but I needed something a little milder for the kittens and their mother.  The kittens are so small that I used just one tube on 4 kittens and another tube on the biggest kitten and its mother.  One of the kittens is wild and stays hidden so I couldn't treat it at all.  I was afraid to use a whole tube on each kitten as I had planned, but it all worked out because today they are not spending all of their time scratching.

While at the bike shop we looked at everything.  I found a beautiful carrying bag that I really liked, but I didn't buy it after I looked at the price tag :(  The bag would have been for me.  I did buy Brandon a new seat, a water bottle holder w/ 2 bottles, front and back lights, a speedometer, plus the brakes.  I wanted to buy him more things, like this neat sounding horn, a bike helmet, bike rack, and a lock n chain,  but Brandon kept telling me that he didn't need all those things and I guess he is right.  He said he would get the lock and chain at Walmart and not at this bike shop.

I had a nice day out and Jimmy got to spend the day with his daughter Sandie.  I won't be going out without Jimmy on a regular basis, but maybe just every once in a while.

Yesterday the "POS Man," as Carson calls the U.P.S. guy,  delivered the gas grill that I bought for the Powell's for their camper/travel trailer.  It's a gas grill with a hose that attaches to a connection on the side of their camper and uses the camper's propane tanks.....or you can use these small one time use throw away portable propane tanks.  The grill is made to mount to the side of the RV, but you can put it on a table if you'd rather.   It's called a Camco Olympian RV 5500 Stainless Steel Gas Grill.  Suzanne thinks it's perfect! and I'm glad that she loves it.  Maybe one day Jimmy and I will get to eat a grilled hotdog by the lake.