Saturday, January 12, 2019

First snow of 2019

We got a dusting of snow last night.  We must have been on the borderline because it was predicted that we would get between 1-3 inches of snow, and we barely got that dusting.  Oh well, better luck next time.

The sky is a dreary gray, so I'm staying inside and watching movies.  It's trying to rain, but not having much luck at that either.  I'm glad that it's not raining tho, because we sure don't need any more rain on the ground around here.

For some reason beyond my control I have lost the TV signals for channels 18 all the way to just short of channel 36.  It must be the weather.  I use a TV antenna, so I am not on cable, Dish or Direct TV.  I get enough channels just on an antenna to keep me happy & content.  Of course I have Netflix for movies and TV programs that I can't watch with an antenna.

Rick is out in the building sharpening one of his broken pocket knives.  He likes piddling around in there since we put heat in there for the winter months to save all of our batteries.  I just bought a new battery for my Saturn and they aren't as cheap as they used to be, so taking care of our batteries has become important to me.  

I hope everyone's day is going well.  Mine is good just in case you're wondering.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Weather, food, snow, and now work.

We were supposed to get some snow tomorrow and maybe we will, but now it's not for certain.  I hope we do because I love snow.  It was 17f degrees when we got up this morning and the high for today will be warmer than yesterdays high.  Sometime today I need to get some groceries.  I'm out of bananas and only have a few Cuties left.  I can't do without my Cuties in the winter months.  That's the only time they are good, just like the Naval oranges, and I do need some more of those too.

Enough of this humdrum stuff of talking about the weather and citrus fruit.

Oh no!  We just got called in to work.  See ya, bye.....

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Working can be fun

We had a cold night last night and by 9:00 a.m. this morning it had warmed up to 20 F degrees.  Rick unfortunately got called into work again today to put in the long screws through the top wall plates into each rafter and to install all of the joist hangers.  He will probably be installing windows today as well.  Yesterday we worked together, but luckily for us the new home was far enough along that it had heat and electricity in it, being nearly finished.  This morning the new house under construction is only in the framing stages.  No heat for Rick and the other workers in these cold temps and it is only supposed to reach 32 F degrees for the High today.  I'm glad that I didn't have to go in this morning, but I'll probably be asked to come in with Rick on Wednesday, if the electricians & plumbers get done with their jobs.  

My job is to sweep up all the wood chips and sawdust, and pickup all the scrap lumber, empty boxes and anything that looks like trash.  It sounds like easy work, and it is, but before the heat is complete it can be brutally cold in those houses....and sometimes very muddy around them.  I've been helping out for about 2 years now, and it gives me something to do.  I sweep, mop and clean up each new house about 3-4 times before it is complete and then the real cleaning ladies do the final clean up when the house is complete.  They clean the windows, dust, mop and make the new home shine, and after that Rick and I keep the house looking like new until it sells.

What I do isn't hard work.  I can work at my own pace and if there is something heavy to lift or move out of my way, there is always some strong man there to help me moved it.  It is usually Rick, but at times one of the other men will come offer to help me.  The 3 bosses, the supervisor,  and all of the other men are all very nice and easy to be around.  I'm the only woman there on the job site (other than some of the inspectors)  and I'm very careful to stay out of everyone's way for safety's sake. Of course, I'm not there all the time.  I'm only called to come in with Rick to get the house swept out before inspections, after the dry-wallers have finished their jobs, before the floor is laid, before the painters are ready to paint, and after the finish work is done and the cabinets are installed, so I'm there many times during the construction of one home.  It's an ideal job for me because I don't have to go in to work every single day.....and I don't have to go in at all if I don't want to, haha.   The down side is that I get to be in beautiful homes, sometimes million dollar homes, but I don't get to live in one. 

We had some snow flurries this morning, but this is a picture of March 2018

Friday, January 04, 2019

Glad that Christmas is over.

WHEW!  I'm glad the Christmas holidays are over with.  I don't know about anyone else, but I just can't seem to muster up any Christmas cheer since the death of Jimmy.  I try.  I listen to Christmas music starting in early November, and sometimes I listen to it all year long, but it doesn't help when December 25th rolls around.  The Christmas Spirit for me is just not there.  

I did experience a bit of happiness while shopping with my son Brian for some components of some engineering project that he is working on.  It made me happy to help him in some small way, but that was just this week after the holidays.  It is so weird that now that the holidays are gone I am feeling happy again.  It makes me happy to spend time with family, but it is more than is because the stress of the holiday season is gone and won't be back for another 12 months.  I'm hoping that by then, I will be better adapted and more prepared for the holidays, and that they won't throw me for a loop.

Missing Rosie today