Friday, July 13, 2018

a weekly thing

Mowing is a way of life back here in the South and it takes up a lot of our time.  We get a lot of rain and besides that, our dews are very heavy.  In the mornings when I go outside to feed my cats the grass is always very wet. 

It hasn't rained here in a couple of days and the temps have been in the 90's and I still have to wait for the grass to dry before I can start mowing.  It's usually good and dry by 2:00 p.m., but it's also good and hot by that time, so this morning I started mowing by 11:00 a.m.  I mowed the shady areas of the yard first so that by the time I got to the sunny parts of the yard, they were good and dry.  Rick and I have 4 yards to mow, but I cut the cabin out, so we only mow and weed-eat 3 yards a week.  Mine was the last of our yards to mow for this week, but by Monday we start all over again.

I personally enjoy mowing my yard because I stick in my earbuds and listen to music as I mow.  I use a riding mower, but another one of the yards is small enough to use a push mower, so I mow and Rick does all the weed-eating there.  In my yard Rick mows the steep bank along the road and in another larger yard we both use the riding mower, push mower and 2 weed-eaters.  That one is an acre and a half of mowing and sits on a corner with plenty of road frontage and weed-eating.  They're all perfectly groomed when we're done and look so pretty.

Mowing does take up a lot of our time, but I like it.  It would be nice tho if we only had one yard to mow so that we could devote more time to fishing and the other things that we love to do.  It's great exercise and believe me, we both need it!

I thought it was a hummingbird......


I thought this was a hummingbird until I looked at it closer and then I knew that I was finally seeing that moth that I had read about, the Snowberry clearwing.

Here's the article about it from the Birds n Bloom magazine.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Hissing noise

Who wants to hear a hissing noise and then smell that familiar smell of paint while riding in your car?

Well it happened this morning, and it was bright orange paint not blue like in this picture.

We had just made our turn into the hospital drive and had to stop in the middle of the road, jump out of the SUV and go frantically searching for that spray paint can.  It took us a while to find it with all of Rick's tools in the back, but thankfully it was lodged under one of the back seats spraying out most of its contents.  One of the plastic floor mats got destroyed, or you might say that it is now a colorful fluorescent orange to match the underside of the back seat and part of the front drivers seat.  It could have been worse.  It could have sprayed the whole interior ceiling of my nice Saturn along with us, but it didn't.

Since we only started hearing the loud hissing noise after we made our turn into the hospital drive, I surmised that the can must have rolled down under the seat, hit the spray button and gone off.

I laughed about it all the way home later, but Rick wasn't able to laugh about it......or at least not yet.  Accidents happen and at least nobody was hurt.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

1982 Sylvan Aluminum 16 ft. fishing boat

Rick and I finally found what we were looking for......
It's an old fishing boat that needs some cosmetic work done to it.  I was going to wait and show BEFORE & AFTER pictures, but I wanted to document yesterday's date, when we bought the boat.

Below is a picture and later after we fix it up, I'll show you the inside of the boat.  It's a deep boat with a 25 hp gas motor plus a trolling motor.  

I won't be falling out of this boat.  It's roomy enough for 5 people, but most likely it will just be Rick & I doing some fishing.  We've been looking for this boat for about a year now and all this time it was right here locally.

I mowed an acre and a half and read a good book this hot afternoon

Friday, June 22, 2018



I'm starting to feel some aches and pains and I'm not as young as this baby bird anymore.
My knees are beginning to give me some problems with walking up stairs, especially my left knee that was injured when I fell on a wet floor at McDonald's about 3 years ago.  At the time it just got bruised and didn't cause me much pain, but it has progressively gotten worse to the point that it really hurts to walk at times and especially to walk up the front steps to enter my house. 

Yesterday I mowed and Rick weedeated at his Calico property and afterwards my left knee was sore.  Usually I'm fine after pushing a mower, but not today.  It's rainy and wet outside, so maybe that has something to do with my knees being sore, or maybe I'm just getting old.........

*Rick took the picture of the baby hawk late yesterday afternoon.  It apparently fell out of its nest and I'm sure that mama hawk is feeding it while it's on the ground.  It was sure cute and not a bit afraid of us.  We only took pictures and didn't bother it any further.