Friday, May 18, 2018

Thunderstorms Expected

Thunderstorms are expected again today so I mowed just as soon as the grass was dry enough to mow.  I hadn't realized that I had waited 3 days short of 2 weeks between mowings, so the grass was really high.  I like to mow when the grass is a little high so that I can see my rows.  The mowed grass however doesn't need raking thank goodness, it wasn't as bad as it sounds.

I hear the raindrops against my tin roof at this moment.  I got done mowing just in time, and I'm glad I didn't wait until 1:00 p.m. to start as I had planned.  I got started mowing at 11:00 a.m.  My instincts to start mowing early were right on cue.

Here are some of the flowers that are blooming right now.  I took the pictures while mowing.  I forgot to take a picture of my Clematis  but I'll get it another time.

The fishing trip that wasn't

Rick & I went on a bike ride the day before yesterday and besides having a flat tire, we got caught in a horrific rain storm and got drenched.  It wasn't all bad.  The day was hot and the tire just needed airing up.  That reminds me that I need to go out and check the back tire again to make sure that it is still aired up.

I almost forgot but our bike trip started out as a fishing trip to check out a pond, but when we blazed our way down to the secluded brush covered pond we found out that although the pond was large, it was too shallow to support any type of large fish.  So with fishing pole and worms in hand, we made our way back up to the road.    

After leaving the pond we headed for Rick's cousin's house to tell him about our adventures with the pond and flat tire.  Apparently we stayed there too long eating cantaloupe & potato chips,  and got caught in a sudden downpour as we reached the city limits of Berea.  It was raining so hard that we had to stop because Rick couldn't see the road very well and, the rain was stinging me to the point that I was glad that we stopped.  There was another couple on a motorcycle traveling from Ohio to Tennessee that told us that when the rain suddenly came down that they saw numerous accidents on interstate 75 all the way from Ohio to Berea.  They tried to out-run the rain, but it always caught up with them from time to time.  We stayed at the gas station until the rain almost stopped and we were glad to make it home safely.

Fishing at Wilgreen Lake in Madison County, Ky.

Saturday, May 05, 2018

My, how time flies.....

I can't believe that it has been 2 months since I have posted here!  Wow, time goes by so fast when you get older.  Anyway, lots of things have been happening around these here parts.  My brother Dennis & his wife Laurel joined the Toyota group of family members and also bought themselves a Prius this past week or so.  It's silver and very pretty.  We all have different colors and that's good so the cars won't get mixed up, since they all look the same.

Dennis is still busy trying to ready his backyard swimming pool and get rid of the green inside it, and I am still mowing the green on a weekly schedule (I'm referring to the grass in my yard, of course).

I've been fishing with Rick several times, but the fish weren't biting yet.  Other fisherman tell us that the water needs to be warmer before the fish will bite.  Our red worms and nightcrawler are getting anxious in the cooler waiting to become bait.  So far they have stayed alive for about 4 weeks.

Everyone in the family is doing fine except for Brian & Reva who still suffer from their different ailments on a daily basis.  I wish they felt good so they could enjoy life like the rest of us can.  All I can offer them is to keep them in my daily prayers and pray that one day they will wake up feeling great.

I only have 2 cats left.....Jybow & Squeak.  There are also 2 small tomcats around here, who are much too small for their ages.   One is black n white and the other is a solid dirty gray color with very long hair.  Both hide when the larger, more muscular tomcats come around, so they are safe and unharmed.  My females, Jybow & Squeak are spayed and very healthy, but they also hide from the large tomcats.  Recently one of my favorite females, Little Harley was found dead in my backyard.  She was a very healthy 3 year old cat with no problems.  She was also my best hunter and we will miss her very much.  We suspect that she might have possibly had some kind of a sudden accident, because there were no marks or blood on her body.

I'm sure there is plenty of other news, but my old brain can't seem to remember everything at this moment, lol.  I don't worry about that because when I wake up each morning, everything is new and beautiful again, and I am thankful for each new day.