Friday, January 13, 2006

annoying cat

It's hard to write a blog with the cat practically laying on the keyboard, demanding attention. Why is it, whenever I get near my computer, the cat suddenly wants my full attention...wants its belly rubbed...wants to help me type...jumps at the movement on my monitor...chews on my mousepad. Anything to annoy me while I'm trying to think here.

Any other time, I would welcome the cat's fact I beg for it at times...but NO...she won't give it. I can be sitting anywhere else in the house and the cat totally ignores me. If I pick her up and sit her on my lap, she immediately leaves...she will not stay. The dumb cat prefers the lap of my husband, who at first, didn't want to be in the company of cats. He didn't trust them or like them...but the cats liked him and soon, because of their persistance, he grew to love them. Now, they are HIS babies and they follow him everywhere just like puppy dogs.

One of the cats won't even allow my husband to shut the bathroom door. If the door is shut and he's inside the cat will scratch and claw at the door until it opens...then the cat is fine.

I think the cats associate me with bad tasting medicine and pills. I always get the job of medicine giver. They're pretty co-operative, but you should see their tails when I put them down. Their tails get all ruffled up and look like a big bristle brush that's about 4 inches in diameter...but they never try to scratch me or anything.

Enough about the, what was I going to write about anyway? I've seem to have lost my chain of thought.

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Motherkitty said...

I have a little white kitty who has an "annoying" gene. Every time I sit at the computer, she climbs in my lap and proceeds to "make biscuits" on my left forearm which is now covered with scratches and scabs. My inner elbow must remind her of nursing on her mother or something weird. Alipurr told me that little white kitty's sister also has some pretty annoying habits, another recipient of the "annoying" gene.