Thursday, January 26, 2006

feeling better!

Jimmy has been feeling much better for the last 5 days and his appetite is getting better, although not quite up to par yet.

He saw Dr. Desai on Tuesday and told him about the awful week he had, last week...his near death experience, as he calls it...but that he was now better, except for the pelvic pressure that was still there. Dr. Desai went ahead and removed the catheter tube, from his urostomy stoma and ordered another CT Scan...this time of the pelvis. Jimmy wasn't looking forward to this at all because it meant he had to drink 4 more glasses of that 'yucky' bad tasteing stuff prior to the scan.

This morning Jimmy had the scan done, here at our local hospital. All went well except that the x-ray tech had trouble finding a vein in his arms, so the repeated attempts were quite painful. We won't know the results for a few days, but Jimmy says they'll be fine...because he feels fine.

He just wants to gain some weight because he says he feels too bony and that his muscles are gone. I told him not to worry about that right now and handed him a glass of chocolate Ensure to drink while he played spider solitaire on the computer.

The picture of Jimmy (above) was taken before he got sick and lost 30+ pounds. He didn't want me to show a picture of him right now.

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Motherkitty said...

Glad that Jimmy got the exam done. Let us know the results and tell him we are all thinking of you both.