Monday, January 09, 2006

master hemmer

My youngest grandson, Brandon, who is 11 was in need of new jeans for school. The jeans that Brian & Reva bought for him were too long, so I was asked if I would be so kind as to shorten and hem them. I agreed and as I was making the last cuts to the legs, my husband came into the room and said he wanted to show me how it's really done.....a much easier way to hem, he said. In fact, he insisted that he take over.

Who am I to argue with the "master hemmer." I had already shortened the legs and ironed the hems into place and had all the legs secured with straight pins ready to begin sewing .....all the difficult work done.

My husband went to the drawer where we keep the sewing supplies..needles, thread...that sort of thing, and came back with a roll of stitch witch. For those of you who don't know what stitch witch is, it's a kind of muslin like cloth, one half inch wide that comes in a roll. When you apply wet heat, the muslin adheres like glue and bonds to whatever it's in contact with.

My husband cut short lengths of the stitch witch and placed it neatly & precisely into the hem and used a hot iron with a wet handkerchief to set it. He worked dilligently and it didn't take him long to finish the two pairs of pants and soon he was done....Presto.

The hem did look great, I must admit. He couldn't wait to deliver the jeans to Brandon so we immediately jumped into the car and off we went to Brandon's....But he wasn't home so we left the jeans there with big brother, Doug, and came home.

Later, Brian, Reva & Brandon came over....not knowing that the jeans were already finished and delivered. They had been out walking in the park. Hubby dear couldn't wait to tell Brandon about what he had done. He told Brandon that he owed him one, for hemming his jeans.


Motherkitty said...

What a gem of a husband. I just hope the hem doesn't come out the first time they wash the jeans and throw them in the dryer.

You can tell Jimmy that I'm glad he's feeling much better. Love ya.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Once this type of hem is put in there is NO WAY to take it loose. Jimmy has several bib-overalls that he has hemmed this way and they have lasted for years. The pants will wear out before the hem. Jimmy guarantees his hems for 10,000 washings.