Thursday, January 05, 2006

Our Cats

This is Jybow singing a duet with her best friend.
Our Cats
Jimmy always sits in his chair,
All comfy and cozy without a care.
His cats they come from all around,
They jump in his lap in leaps and bounds.
"Hoppy" takes up most of his lap,
While "Jybow" pouts, hissis and slaps.
Poor "Daisy" is left in the corner to sleep,
The cats won't let her on his seat.
"Ferby" the baby, all orange and small,
Sometimes escapes into our hall.
The most puzzling thing about Ferby,
Is that we don't know, if it's a boy or a girly.
"Callie's" so pretty, her fur is so soft,
Tom cats do love her but, she's sly as a fox.
"Little Mama" is chubby, short and stubby,
She'll follow you anywhere to be your buddy.
The "Wildcat" is clever all cunning and sly,
She's lived a long life and not ready to die.
I'm not yet through with this poem,
Because we still have more cats.
I think only three more of them,
Or are they even our cats?

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