Sunday, January 29, 2006


I always wanted to have a dog named Scruffy.
Scruffy always seemed like the perfect name
for a little dog...
especially a frazzled looking one, like this one.
This little dog looks worried.
He's probably had a rough (ruff) life.
When I first saw this picture,
I thought ...Oh, what a cute picture...
the boy and the dog go perfect together.
But the more I looked at it, the sadder
the dog looked.
I can see it in his eyes...
he wants to be my dog.
I'd put a BIG SMILE on his face...
just like the smile the dog in
Winn Dixie had...
Remember that one?


Motherkitty said...

What little "Scruffy" is thinking is, "I'm gonna get blamed for this. I can see it comin' down the pike. I couldn't help it if the kid got all dirty and grimy. I'm innocent!" teehee

I think if you ever find a scruffy doggie, you should go ahead and get her or him. Ever hear the comment, "He's so ugly, he's cute"? That describes this little guy to a tee.

Alipurr said...

we love winn dixie, and i think we would watch it over and over if we had it :)