Friday, January 27, 2006

two crazy guys from Iran

I remember this day well....We had just driven thru Las Vegas, Nevada and it was 110 F. degrees...and I was nauseous from the heat. There had been an awful fatality on the by-pass which held up traffic for nearly an hour or so, before we were allowed to pass.

When we reached the other side of town we stopped to take a break from that unerving site we had just arm laying on a white towel on the road, in our lane. While we were pulling ourselves together & drinking some water, two guys approached us. They spoke in very broken English and said that they were from Iran, taking a vacation in the U.S.A. and they wanted their picture taken with the bike. We said, sure why not, so they set up their tripod & camera, then one of them walked over & stood by the bike...we just waited off to the side...out of the way. Then they called to us, "You come, you come, you come stand too." They set the timer on the camera...and we all got our picture taken together.

We chatted for awhile and the guys took our name & address and told us they would send us a copy of the picture after they returned to their homeland. To our surprise, a few months later we received a letter postmarked from Iran...inside was this picture with a short note...that ended with, "from two crazy guys from Iran."


jellyhead said...

What a cute story!

By the way, you look like the world's coolest grandma ever. Do your grandkids brag about you wherever they go?!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

We are a family of motorcyclists. In the immediate family, there are 8 of us who ride...not counting the (backseat) riders.

And yes, I'm proud to say, that my grandkids do brag about me.