Tuesday, January 17, 2006

we've met our quota, Maybe

Just because we have cats, people are always knocking on our door with poor distressed kittens in hand. "Is this your kitten?" they ask or, "I found your kitten in the mouths of the five puppies next door."

The kittens are never ours...all our females are fixed...but sometimes we do take the kittens in and care for them. We have taken in seven kittens...and I think we have met our quota. So today we had to tell the little girl, that it wasn't our kitten that she saved from the 5 puppies...but I told her that whoever's kitten it was, would be very greatful to her for taking such good care of their kitten.

The kitten was a cute and very tamed tiger striped tabby, who seemed unscathed by the whole affair. I really hated to turn the kitten away...but it wasn't ours...it clearly belonged to someone else. Probably to the neighbors with all the dogs, since it didn't run from them.

We have never had the opportunity to choose a kitten ... to bring it home and care for it...they have always chosen us. Most of the cats we care for have been abandoned or brought to us by neighbors, as kittens in distress and needing a home.
Our medical bills consist of vet bills...and he loves to see us coming. We love our cats and, I for one, am holding out for a furry little calico one...but that's my secret.


Alipurr said...

furry little calico ones are my weakness too...sweet hubby got me my pastel calico Big Fat Kitty (not her real name)

Motherkitty said...

This family has a problem with the "kitty empathy gene." We are all suckers for those soft, furry, purry, feline whiners and meowers and can't ever say NO when presented with a little lost or sick or hurt kitten or cat.

In our household of six cats, the only cat that was ever picked up on purpose was Alley Cat (the oldest of the lot) -- the rest were "dumped" on us or "given" to us as presents or "presented" to us on a silver platter with the question "Will you please take pity on this little lost kitty?" or "What's one more when you already have so many?"

So, suckers that we are, full of pity, take them to our hearts and hearth, bring them back from the brink of death or ill health, and love them for all their faults. My worst nightmare is (as always when I'm at my computer keyboard) sitting next to my mouse, eyes half shut, purring loudly, waiting patiently for me to love her, pet her, hold her, pay attention to her!!!! She's so needy.

But, given the choice, we wouldn't have it any other way. Unlike children, these creatures of God love us unconditionally and fully, and never refuse our offerings of affection.

Motherkitty said...

I forgot to tell you -- there's a big "invisible" sign in front of our house that says, "If you have a cat or kitten you wish to dump, please, oh please, bring it to L-----'s house on West --- Street. She's sucker enough to take your unwanted cat."

You must also have one of these signs.