Wednesday, February 01, 2006

a day in the life of brothers

Have I told you about my husband and his baby brother, Butch?

One day, Jimmy went to help his baby brother Butch. They left bright and early to go look for a meat saw and a commode for Butch's bathroom. They went to Lowes, a home supply store, which is about 30 miles away... round trip. They measured and looked at several commodes there and found what he needed. They bought it, went back to Butch's and took the old commode out and threw it out in the yard.

When they opened the box of the new commode, they discovered that it had a broken tank. They jumped back in the truck and went back to Lowes and exchanged it for another one. They came home and this one wouldn't fit. Butch wanted to cut part of the wall behind the commode tank to make it fit, but Jimmy said that Ruth (Butch's wife) would be upset at having the tank protruding into the kitchen. So...they again uninstalled what they had worked so hard to connect up and again were off to Lowes.

Now here's what happened next...Butch finds out that all commodes aren't created equal and has to "special order" a commode...they come in 8" or 10" or something like that...I really don't know. But anyway, it won't be in until next week sometime and it costs twice as much.

They go back home to Butch's...drag the old leaky commode back in and have to reinstall it, until the new one comes in...Butch only has one bathroom. Reinstalling the old commode was not as easy as taking it out. It took them quite awhile because of a tight squeeze of the commode to the bathtub. And it was doubly hard for both of them to work in there together because Butch's bathroom is so small. It's so small that sitting on the commode you almost have to sit sideways because your knees hit something in front of the toilet.

Three trips to Lowes and they accomplished nothing. They were right back where they started. They did have a good they always do...and I'm sure they will laugh about this day for a long time.


Motherkitty said...

Very funny story. I want to know what the meat saw was for. Surely not to cut the old commode out!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I had a feeling after I read the post that someone would ask about the meat saw.

The meat saw had nothing to do with the toilet...and they didn't have any luck finding one of those either.

Gil said...

Sounds like many of my days at work.
Got akick out of reading it.