Friday, February 17, 2006

Old & Forgotten

From within these walls, I dwell.
I look for the end
of this deep, falling snow...
I look for signs of life, any life.
Have I suddenly awakened
to an empty world...
devoid of any human life?
No one passes...
No one comes to my door.
The world is silent...
is anyone out there, I shout?
But silence is all I get in return.
Where are the children,
who make angels in the snow?
It's been days now,
since anyone has passed.
My phone is not working,
and the electricity is out.
The world has stood still,
but the snow keeps on falling, falling.
From within these walls, I dwell...
cold, alone and forgotten.


Motherkitty said...

Oh, Sandy, you are not old (cold), alone or forgotten.

Is it snowing there? Is your phone really out? Is your electricity out? If so, how could you be posting on the 'Net? This poem was very descriptive, but kind of sad.

If you and Jimmy are alone, we wish we could be there to share a nice, hot bowl of chili. Is the pot on?

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Motherkitty, I didn't have anything to post today, so I did what I usually do....
I put a picture in front of me, and this time I imagined what an old person...who has out-lived her family...might feel like...if she was all alone in the world...looking out this window.

It was meant to be sad. So next time it snows, be sure to check on anyone you know...who is old...they might be feeling...cold, alone & forgotten.

Jimmy & I are just fine and the pot of chili is hot and come on over!

BTW the window picture is what I see while I'm on my computer. This picture was taken of our last snow.