Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Picking up Brandon

It's 2:55pm and I'm sitting in my car waiting to pick up my grandson, Brandon from school. This is his first day back...he missed all last week because he had chicken pox. He hated that...not the chicken pox...but missing school.

I like the way his school has set up the way, to pick up the kids from school. Different than I remembered, all those years ago...picking up his dad. It's not a crowded mess of tangled cars, vying for position and kids searching for their rides...It's all so organized here.

What this school did, is to assign each parent...that regularly picks up their child...a numbered parking space. Mine...is #67. I'm surrounded by a sea of parents...in their cars, all neatly parked, in their allotted spaces...waiting patiently for the students to come out.

I was expecting a mob of youngsters...all rushing out in search of their parents...running this way and that way. But instead I saw a teacher leading VERY orderly students outside and to a centrally located observation point...so that all the cars were in full view of the students...and visa versa.

When we arrived home, Brandon had 15 pages of homework to do...some make-up work from last week...and some for this week. They give the homework on Monday for the whole week...it's due in by Friday. We all sat down and ate our pizza and then it was homework time.

Cucoo is a very close & personal friend of Brandon, so he helped Brandon study. Here they seem to be putting their heads together in order to come up with the answer to a question...it looks like they're working on his social studies.

Here I think they got a little distracted and Brandon is showing Cucoo some of the places he traveled to, in a sidecar...with grandma, grandpa Jimmy and his mom & dad. The places where Brandon has been are circled in red & blue on the map.

Brandon & Cucoo are back to studying again. Brandon is studying the constitution and the 13 original colonies/states and also was working on some math problems.

Here Brandon is showing Cucoo one of the 13 original states...New York. Cucoo is apparently not watching or paying attention...and Brandon tells Cucoo that, "There WILL be a test on this!"


jellyhead said...

Tee hee!
Brandon is a good sport, helping Cucoo please the masses with his photo appearances!

somershade said...

Good job Brandon teaching Cucoo. Remember his name is Cucoo,and what better person to teach him, a bright, smart, young man as yourself.

Motherkitty said...

Very cute, using your grandson to educate Cucoo. Do you think this will make Cucoo smarter? More handsome? Better qualified to win the Oscar?

Now you're going to have to take Cucoo to all the places Brandon showed him on the map and you will have to start drawing colored circles around all the places he's been to. Your map is going to get very crowded.

TUFFENUF said...

Very interesting the way the school assigns parking spaces. What a good idea.

bornfool said...

I hope Cucoo is just helping him and not doing the homework for him.

Tropical Screamer said...

What a civilized, organized way to pick up children from school. It was always such a free-for-all at my son's schools.

I would have loved to get my homework for the whole week on Monday. That way you could skip a day if you wanted to and still not get behind.

Take care and hugs all around.

Finn said...

What a cutie!! That Cucoo has good taste in boys..or is it that Brandon has good taste in Cocoos?? Either how, they work well together..loved seeing the 2 of them in action...! Great photo op Grandma!! Hugs, Finn who wishes she had a grandson that close..*G*

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Thanks for all the very nice comments. Brandon is my very sweet 11 year old grandson who knew Cucoo before I did. He is the reason that I have Cucoo.

Brandon was a very good sport as I was bouncing around him while he was trying to get his homework done, and I was asking him to pose with Cucoo.
Brandon & I had fun doing the pictures for this post...and he could hardly wait for his mom & dad to see it. He wasn't sure if he could keep it a secret for very long, so I posted it as soon as the clock struck 12, for the next day.

Anonymous said...

I loved it!! You and Brandon did a great job, as usual. Brandon was so proud of this and he was actually disappointed he didn't get to come back the next day to visit with you two. He really enjoyed it. He really likes the boots Jimmy gave him too. He said they were cool. So a big thank you to you and Jimmy. You both are so kind. We really apprecite all you do for us. Love ya, Reva