Thursday, February 23, 2006

Puppies: Cute or Annoying?

As I was checking my email this morning, I was suddenly distracted by the sounds of loud shrieks and screams for help. I quickly got up from my chair, to go see what all the commotion was all about...And as I approached the window, I could see the young neighbor girl, fending off four, rather large puppies. The puppies are close to 4 - 5 months old and come from rather large parents.

The little girl was wearing a black full skirt, that reached the ground...and waiting for the school bus, at the end of our gravel drive. You can imagine why she was wasn't for fear of her was her skirt...that now was covered with dusty paw prints.

About the same time that I reached my window, her older brother (about 12 yrs. old), ran out to assist his little sister and, tried to herd the puppies away from her...and also away from the speeding cars, in the roadway. I was more concerned that the children would get hit by a car, as they were trying to protect the puppies and also trying to keep them from jumping up on her skirt.

I hate to be one of those complaining neighbors, but I think I will have to tell the owners of these puppies...once again...that they must confine them before someone gets hurt. The pups are getting big enough to be a pack of dogs and yesterday I saw them running loose with a very, very large dog...which I have never seen before.

There were six puppies, at one time...and the pups, at that time, decided they liked our property better...and started digging holes...chewing on our grape vines...and digging in my flower beds. They apparently gave 2 puppies away and confined the others for a couple of days...after we had a NICE talk with them.

This time it does not merely involve the destruction of plants or property...someone could get hurt. And,
I am hoping that the children's mother, who I am sure, witnessed the events of this morning, will talk to the puppy owner's too.


judypatooote said...

I would tell them....I think about when I go over to my daughters house and Gauge (the dog I call Evil) jumps and nipes....and he is a puppy, but is so strong and fast... I wouldn't want my kid out there having to put up with that... Is it the little girls dogs.....?

Tomas Dennis said...

Those are puppies in training and learning to attack a child is not funny though at this time period they may seem playful. The children do not know this and if they were in their yard it would all seem playful and cute.
The puppies need some guidance and you have helped, thanks

Abandoned in Pasadena said... these puppies do not belong to the little girl. They belong to another neighbor.

Tomas...yes, I agree. These are puppies in training to attack small's in their nature.

These are the same puppies that I wrote about in another post, that were tossing a helpless kitten about between them. The same little girl saved the kitten and brought it over to our house because you know...we have that invisible sign in front of our house that says..."Please leave all your unwanted pets at this house."

Finn said...

Boy I know how hard it is to get owners(especially those who aren't overly "involed") to listen and take such encounters seriously. But from here it could also become a "mauling" of a child. Good for you for getting involved! It's never easy. The community probably has a leash law, ant it would apply to puppies also. Hugs, Finn

Tropical Screamer said...

It just breaks my heart to read stories like this. It's so unfair to the puppies and the neighborhood.

I hope it gets resolved soon so you don't have to worry about it.


Motherkitty said...

Report them STAT to the police and/or animal control. Talking to the puppies' owners is like talking to a wall -- nothing will get done. How traumatic if and when they get run down in the road. I agree that they have the potential of attacking the kids. Not a good situation.

Sharon K said...

I have a new puppy and it will never be out side with out a leash. It is not a good thing to have any animal wandering around where there are cars or children with out the owner being right there. Glad you said something..

somershade said...

The owners don't give a hoot, because that is a dangerous highway in frount of your house and the puppies are lucky they have'nt been hit. I love cute little puppies. The humans,(owners) are the ones who need the people control come and get them for animal neglect and retrain them before they get mauled on by the people. Sorry I love animals. Pardon me, pardon me

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that if you want to have any kind of pet I think neighbors should be more aware of what their animals are doing to others property, and more importantly in this episode, they should be more aware of watching that they don't bother the neighboring children. I had this happen to my child, getting mauled by a dog, and it is certainly a very scarry thing. I thank God he came through it alright! I am glad you said something to the owners even though I wish they would have listened to you the first time around.