Saturday, February 25, 2006

Three Pictures for February

Franny, of Franny's Fables (link at right) has challenged her readers with a meme. The theme is to post three for each pre-chosen topic. There are no rules...the photos can be old, new, taken from the web or by someone else. You can write a sentence or two below each picture, if you wish.

Three Pictures for February

1. The Only Dragon I Know

This dragon sits beside our fish pond and I was outside at 11:00 pm tonight taking this picture...I'm sure now, that the neighbors think I'm crazy.

2. A Reason To Return Home

We must be home to watch the Academy Awards show because, Cucoo has been nominated for several awards.

3. The Eighth Wonder of the World

Cucoo, who else! Need I say more?


Franny said...

That's amazing - you made me laugh my butt off! Creeping outside to take a photo at night sounds like something I'd do too. You sure are one sassy chicky!

somershade said...

great job mom

Motherkitty said...

I didn't know you had a pretty dragon in your garden. And, now I know why I like the Academy Awards so much -- Cucoo is going to the be the star attraction. Yes, he is the eighth wonder of the world and he has tickled our funny bones a lot these past several weeks.

Very cute post.

(I understand why you voted for Dubya.)

Finn said...

What can I say but he he he he...and I roll along..LOL Hugs, Finn

hot lips said...

Ohhhh, I love your dragon. And cucoo isn't bad either.

somershade said...

I was looking at your Dragon picture again. That is a great photo with the rocks,bravo again ya little hoot owl.