Monday, March 20, 2006

Held for Ransom

We had a great visit with family this past weekend. Cucoo even took time off from his busy schedule to go with us. Unfortunately for Cucoo, he didn’t have such a great time.

Cucoo’s troubles all started when he was kidnapped right out of his motel room. We found a note on the bed under a video camera that said, “If you want to see Cucoo again, follow the instructions on the video tape.”

After we figured out how to turn on someone else’s video camera, Cucoo appeared very stiff and scared looking, on the film…and was standing very still. The kidnapper’s voice said that Cucoo was being held for ransom and, in order to get Cucoo safely back we had to meet their demands. The voice demanded that we meet them at Applebee’s Restaurant at precisely 3 o’clock SHARP & BUY their dinner.

Then suddenly on the tape the scene changed and, Cucoo was now tied up, by what looked like a cell phone charger cord…and was being dangled over a toilet bowl full of water. The Cucoo-napper was saying, that if his demands were not met, that Cucoo would meet an untimely demise. Then the toilet was flushed for effect…

Of course Cucoo was rescued and we all chipped in to send Cucoo on a special four-hour tour…and he’s really excited about going. He will be leaving tomorrow and we will all be there for his send-off...It's the least we can do after the ordeal he went through this past weekend.


doubleknot said...

Poor Cucoo - I am so glad he was saved. Did you get rid of your cabin fever on your trip?
Yep - black jelly beans and every time the kids come over they want some and they know they don't like them so I hide the black ones.
The hair sign just struck me as so funny - I could just see hair walking in to be cut.
I like Easter maybe because I used to have so much fun with my son - he seemed to behave better and we were able to share something. It has been almost nine years now since I have seen him but I still send him cards and his father lets me know how he is doing once in a while. My son is a special child and is in a special place that watches over him carefully but it is so far away.
I am going to post one more amaryllis picture then that will be the end because they will start to fade.
The crochet hook was a special size and well worth the three something I paid for it and postage - haven't checked my P.O. Box yet - it may be waiting for me.

Tanya said...

Sounds like you had an eventful time!!

Thanks for the good wishes. We survived the cyclone (not so for the people of a town further north, where it has been declared a disaster zone - it was category 5 when it passed through that town) and are bracing for the next one which should approach in a couple of days... :( But I'm sure we'll be fine.

The Four Bears in the Woods said...

Poor Cucoo.

Thank goodness he made it home safely!

We are glad he could make the trip with us though.

We had such a good time.

Mama Bear

Paige said...

Poor Cucoo. I hope the stress of it all was not too much to bear.

Kerri said...

Quite a time you had! Glad Cuckoo was rescued :)
Sounds like you had quite a family reunion. Hope you all had lots of fun and that the little one had a fun birthday. What a great excuse for a family party!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Thanks for reading about Cucoo's adventure, but I failed to mention in my post that this was a TRUE STORY and it really happened...he was kidnapped as a hoax by certain family members playing a trick on me.

We do have the ransom video, but I don't know how to post video.

Finn said...

How terrible for you and for poor Cucoo! I'm luckily reading this after an absence, and sort of see a good(?) outcome..*G* I must scroll up and follow this developing story!! Hugs, finn