Friday, March 24, 2006

"Honk," I Know It Was You

Sometime around 1986, a truck driving friend of ours was traveling thru Canada and picked up two eggs...He gave us one, which I put into an incubator and several weeks later, our little "Honk" hatched out...She was a Canada Goose. She was beautiful to us and she actually thought that we were her parents.

She spent her days swimming in one of our three ponds and when we were outdoors, she was right by our side...watching every move we made and generally getting in the way.

I thought of her today, as I heard a flock of geese fly overhead...looked up and saw them in their "V" formation. "Honk" was with us until December 1989. She left with a migrating flock on a cold winter was -18 degrees F.

My first husband, who is now deceased, wrote this poem about Honk.

Honk, I know It Was You

You left on a Friday while I was away,
In the darkness I looked for you and called your name.
I was certain I would find you by light of day,
But the cold artic air was the one to blame.

Over the parking lot for two weeks you did fly,
How you found me I shall never know.
People would say, "Did you see that wild goose fly by?"
I would say, "Yes, I've known that goose from long ago."

I called your name and waved my arms,
I wish I could have flown after you.
I quickly recalled your feats and charms,
I watched you fade in the early morning hue.

I walked the fields and drove the roads,
I checked the ponds both brown and blue.
I miss you so and love you loads,
Honk, I know it was you.

Written by Jim Hatcher,


doubleknot said...

That was a very touching poem. I wonder how long a Canadia Goose lives - she may yet be flying back and forth on her migrations.

sharon said...

everytime I would pull in the driveway, before I got into the Entrance and across the dam, Honk would always greet me with a melody of honking. I loved that goose and we had a special relationship.
Proverbs11:10 A righteous man reguards the life of his animals ect..
The peom made me cry.
thanks mom

Motherkitty said...

We used to have two ducks, named Hari and Kari, when we lived out in the country. We had intended to eat them for Thanksgiving. We grew to love them and the thought of killing these beautiful animals was too much for us. Everyone said to clip their wings, but we couldn't do that. One day in late fall we saw them sitting on top of the house. The next day, they flew off with their friends and we never saw them again. Every year we looked for them but they were probably off enjoying their new-found friends and family.

Thanks for the beautiful Jim poem.

Tanya said...

Hi Sandy. I hope you don't mind (let me know if you do)... I've been enjoying reading your blog so much that I have put it as a link in my sidebar. Now I can come back to your site even more often!!

Finn said...

Hi Sandy, what a beautiful picture and post. I love your Goosy girl!!
She was a rare gift. And the poem by your dear first hubby is so lovely. Very deep heartfelt longing in his words.

It's such a honor to have a "wild" think share your life, and ectremely painful as they return to "their" kind. i don't think we ever stop missing them or yearning for their presence. Hugs, Finn

bornfool said...

Nice picture and a great poem. There are a lot of canadian geese here where I work, (the pen is built next to the water.) I'll think of you when I see them. But there sure is a lot of goose sh*t to dodge when I have to walk on that side of the penitentiary. (Outside the walls.)

The Four Bears in the Woods said...

I loved the poem... he had a knack for writing didn't he? As a matter of fact.. he had a knack for a lot of creative things just like most of you in Papa Bear's family. Glad you posted it.

I remember Honk too. I had never been around geese until I came to visit you guys when Papa Bear and I were dating. I have to admit he scared me silly when he would get down and hiss. Reminded me too much of a snake! *VBS* But he was pretty to look at. I still remember the days when you two lived here at the cabin when I first came to visit and how I would be amazed at how beautiful it was here. It looked like a park. You two took such pride in your hard work.

Loved the poem and memories.

Mama Bear

Rachel said...

That was a wonderful story and a very lovely poem!

(It's Liberty you drive to for the Amish goodies!)

Tropical Screamer said...

What a beautiful story and poem.

Thank you for sharing.


jellyhead said...

Sandy, that poem is really sweet and very touching.

LZ Blogger said...

Absolutely amazing story and POEM! Thanks! ~ jb///

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Dear Blogger Friends...I really have enjoyed reading all of your nice comments.

bornfool...Luckily for us we only had ONE goose, because we know how much a flock can poop...even 4 or 5 can make it hard to walk without stepping in something.

The first year she tried to migrate Honk didn't get far...about a mile and we found her in someone else's pond. She came right up to us and climbed in the car and we went back home.

MotherKitty...we had a pig we named Oink and we got so attached that we couldn't eat it. Oink was like a puppy dog that weighed 330 lbs.

Mama Bear...I remember how scared you were of our little Honk, but she was really harmless...She never did bite anyone, not even Brother Bear when he cleaned out her nest of 2 month old eggs that she was trying to hatch.

Sharon...Yes, Honk was right there to greet everyone as they drove across the dam...She was like having an alarm that announced everyone's arrival with her loud honking.

Doubleknot...I don't know how long geese live, I'll have to look it up if I remember.

Finn...Yes, it's really hard to let the wild things go and you do miss them when they get called back by their natural instincts, to live the lives they're supposed to live. I hope she went on and had her some babies like she always tried to do, but didn't have a mate...She always wanted to sit on her eggs, but they weren't fertile.

Tanya...That's fine you can link me and you have probably noticed that I also linked you today. I also go over and read you everyday and enjoy your blog. And yes, please come more often, I look forward to your visits.

Jelly, Rachel, Darilyn & LZ...I'm glad you enjoyed Jim's poem...he really missed his goose and he liked to write poems every once in a while.

Kerri said...

Sandy, What a sweet little goose...great story, and such a lovely poem. You gave Honk a good start in life and lots of love.