Tuesday, April 11, 2006

2nd Motherkitty Update

To all who are following the progress of Motherkitty: Kitten Yarn has not been able to post, as was first planned because, she is still at the hospital with her mother.

Motherkitty said to tell all her blog friends that she has lots of drugs in her and it still, HURTS LIKE HELL!!!
They made her get up and walk this morning and she almost passed out just walking to the doorway…Then they made her walk down the hall. The tube that carries ice water which circulates around her knee sprung a leak and leaked out all night…so she woke up to a soaking wet bed…that was fun.
They gave her lasix and then asked if she wanted her catheter taken out…I can’t tell you what she said, but the catheter is still in. Today they are making her stay in a chair all day.

Kitten Yarn is going home sometime today, so she will most likely post a more complete update on Motherkitty’s condition.

I just went over to Tomas' site and he has posted something on Motherkitty...he must have gotten his laptop to work.


Sharon K said...

I just got back to the blog world after a two week move from winter to summer place and I am glad that her surgery is over and it can only get better each day. Take your time rest and do what the Dr. says mother kitty.

susan said...

Oh dear, sounds like she is not having any fun. Hopefully she will get things straightened out soon. Will be thinking of her. Thanks for the update.

jellyhead said...

Thank you so much Sandy.

Tell Motherkitty we are sorry she is in pain (knees *are* especially painful after surgery), but that those medical people know what they're doing there - to make sure the knee gets a good range of movement, they have to get her up and moving early. Tell her to be kind to those nurses and doctors - no yelling or snarking!!

If you get a chance, let her know I am thinking of her, and that I miss her already!

Merle said...

Hi Sandy ~~ I hope your friends get well very soon. Thanks for your words about our cows. They are nice, but
the idea of "helping hands" is even
better. Any chance of a couple of photos? Cheers, Merle.

doubleknot said...

So glad Motherkitty's surgery is over - now the hard part the healing. It is going to hurt - I know after my minor knee surgery I was on the phone to the doctor asking is it normal for it to hurt this long.

Catheters - ugh.

Hope the doctor sends Motherkitty home with lots of drugs to help the pain.

Franny said...

I am so proud of brave Motherkitty to go through with this! Many blessings to her for a speedy recovery...give her my warmest wishes, won't you?

Kerri said...

It doesn't sound like fun. Poor Motherkitty. Please tell her hello from me and that I'm praying for her rapid recovery.