Monday, April 10, 2006

Cucoo sightings

Very GOOD news has come to my attention! Cucoo has been sighted in Florida. Thank God, Cucoo made it to shore and didn’t drown when the
U.S.S. Minnow sank out at sea, or whatever happened to it.

The first sighting of Cucoo, turned out to be a false sighting by Doubleknot. It was apparently not Cucoo, but “Little Fellow” who is adorably cute, colorful and very fluffy.

The second sighting of Cucoo in Florida was by Tuffenuf and I believe with all my heart that this is Cucoo. Tuffenuf managed to get a good picture and it sure does look like Cucoo to me!!!

The third sighting of Cucoo was in Hawaii. This picture was sent in by an anonymous bounty hunter, and this also looks like Cucoo.

Check out the links above to see who you think the real Cucoo is?...Or perhaps these might be just relatives of Cucoo.

And lets not forget what today is!!! It's Motherkitty's Birthday.
Happy Birthday Motherkitty!!!
And we are all wishing you well with your surgery today...I'm sure that you have the right knee marked for your surgeon...or is it the right left knee?


doubleknot said...

First I know she won't hear this till later on but Happy Birthday Motherkitty.
So many people looking for Cucoo - and a bounty hunter - those are tough people maybe he will find Cucoo.
My Little Fellow is getting over being so scared but I don't think he has met Moocher yet - or maybe that is why he is scared.

bornfool said...

It doesn't look like Cucoo wants to be found, living it up as he is.

Finn said...

Goo Morning Sandy, good to have you back...*VBS* Hope the time away did what you needed it t..*VBS*

Oh, such high hopes that Cucoo is found and will be returned toh his family, Hugs, Finn