Wednesday, May 24, 2006

First water lily bloom

My water lily’s first flower bloomed out yesterday, although there were 4 water lily buds almost ready to open and bloom. I hope the rest bloom all at the same time…What a beautiful site that would be!
The picture above is my little water garden corner hidden behind our storage building…it’s actually the cats corner, because that is THEIR furniture you can see in the picture. Daisy is relaxing on a rock near my plants…or she may even be, on one of my plants. *S*

This picture is just a close up of the water lily…yes, I know I didn’t have to tell you that.

Yesterday we worked on another project…making a plantar for our roses. We have never had much luck growing roses and 2 years ago Somershade gave me a rose for Mothers Day and it has survived. This year for Mothers Day I received another one from Papa Bear, and his beautiful family, so Jimmy & I decided to plant it next to the other rose.

Here are some pictures of us building the plantar for the roses.

The tools being put away, after a job well done.

I am working on making little hideaways or nooks in my yard where you can escape for a little privacy or time alone just to sit and ponder or read a book. So far I have created two such places and have plenty of space for several.


Sue said...

Beautiful! Mine still haven't even had buds set on them...
(too much rain???)

TUFFENUF said...

very nice! looks like you have plenty of property to work with. The grass is so pretty. We are having a drought in Florida and things are taking a while to green up.

The Four Bears in the Woods said...

I took time out for a little break from doing little projects outside to sneak on the computer and check out your blog and do a little post on mine. I just wanted to say I love the flower bed it is very nice. The water lilly is very pretty. Hopefully sometime while we are visiting they will be blooming out.

Mama Bear

Marsha said...

I love water gardens. My parents have one.

Gary said...

I love the idea of having little nooks in the garden. I think they can be really special places.

PEA said...

I would love a water garden but I have a big open backyard...I wish I could fence it all in and have my privacy and be able to do stuff like that and have little nooks everywhere:-) The water lily is so beautiful and the rose planter looks fabulous too!! Great job!!

Paige said...

Not enough room in our yard for water gardening. You are lucky to be able to have one, especially with such beautiful lillies. I have found with roses (for us in deep TX) to prune them on Valentines day. Our's bloom all summer & sometimes into December.

Tim Rice said...

Your waterlily is so beautiful. And it sounds neat how you are working a creating little hide-aways.

somershade said...

I had to click on the top picture to find daisy.Forty eyes. Glad I did because the photo is beautiful.I never can believe the lillies are real because they are so pretty floating in the water.
Great job on the rose edgeing.Your yard sounds like a retreat area,nice.

jellyhead said...

That water lily is spectacular. Thanks for showing us a bit of your yard!

Ava said...

Oh, your water lily is beatiful! Mine are white. Yours has great color.

My Grandmother always had roses, but I don't know how she kept them. I know that she cut them back every year.

Roses are so pretty and fragrant.

Great job!!


doubleknot said...

The water lily is beautiful.
I envy your roses - they are hard to grow in Florida but the only sucess I had with one was at a yard sale I bought an unknown rose bush - planted it next to my front porch and it just took off and grew and bloomed - it was a bush rose so really wasn't good for cutting. Don't laugh I used to bring my old dairy goat to the house on a leash and let her trim the bush for me when it got to over grown.

Merle said...

Dear Sandy ~~ Beautiful Water- lily and
your rose garden looks very nice. Glad
you have room to make your little
hide-outs, and more importantly someone
to help with the work.
Glad you liked the sayings, joke etc and
I had a really nice day yesterday.
Like you, l am very fond of my blogging friends. It feels as if we know each
other really well and as though we talk every day. Take care Sandy, Merle.

Anonymous said...

The water lily is beautiful. It has so much detail.

Good luck with your roses.

squire said...

the yard is looking great.

Rachel said...

Oh, Pretty, Pretty, Pretty!!