Saturday, May 27, 2006

I wonder who lives in the birdhouse?

While Cucoo was laying in the hammock, gazing at the beautiful blue skies, he noticed a new house, just over the fence in the neighbor's yard…high on a long pole, above the blackberry vines.
He asked the Post if he knew who lived in the new house next door, but the Post said he didn’t even know the house was there. But on second thought, he’d seen a strange little bird wandering around the yard.
Cucoo didn’t give it another thought because, there were always strange birds wandering around the yard. They usually came to get a drink of water from the fountain or the water garden.
As Cucoo was taking a leisurely stroll, on his way to the water garden for a cool drink, he suddenly spotted something. He couldn’t believe his eyes…he’d never seen anything like this before….
So he ran to Froggy’s house to hide. Froggy told him to hide in the flowers instead, where he would be camouflaged and could get a better look…so he did.
While he was hiding in the flowers, Cucoo could see that it was some kind of colorful bird. He’d never seen anything like it before.
The new bird hollered out, “Hello…who’s in those flowers? Come out!” Cucoo stepped out of the flowers and began to walk towards the new little bird. The little bird saw Cucoo with his hair blowing in the wind and thought to herself…”is it really him…is it FaBeO?”
Cucoo said, “I’m Cucoo…Who are you?”
She answered in a disappointed voice and said, “My name is Mango Layla and you shouldn’t go around pretending to be someone you’re not.”
Cucoo just looked at her puzzled and said, “Birds!” and went back to talk with his friend Froggy.


doubleknot said...

Oh, what a sweet story. Could we see romance in the future - that is if Mango Layla gets to know what a good guy Cucoo is.

Finn said...

Oh my, hope springs eternal..*VBS* Are we sensing love in the air?? Maybe when Mango Layla get over thinking about FaBeOh

She's quite the fetching one...and such a lovely "digs" for a place to live. Good thing both she and Cuckoo are skinny, having to get through that fence...LOL

Marsha said...

LOL!!!this is so darn cute.

The Four Bears in the Woods said...

Very cute, I love this story!

Rachel said...

Glad Cucoo found a buddy...or maybe a sweetie! He was hid in the flowers pretty well!

PEA said...

OMG too funny...I love it!! That made my morning, thanks so much for posting that:-)

somershade said...

That was so funny thanks for the laugh.

Alipurr said...

very funny

Tim Rice said...

I love the adventures of your Cucoo.