Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Tail

I was out admiring my yellow primroses today and after that nice steady rain yesterday and cooler temperatures, all the flowers have really perked up. I was taking pictures of them when…..

I spied what appeared to be an orange tail.
Upon closer inspection of the flowers, there was clearly a hole in the center of them…apparently where some BAD orange cat was taking a snooze.
I leaned over and snapped this picture and it was Jybow, but she wasn’t napping…she was lying very still and listening for something.

She has a way of getting in the middle of plants and when she removes herself, the flowers straighten themselves back up and you can’t even tell that she’s been there. But, if you speak to her or notice her, she’ll roll over on her back and try to act really cute and want her belly rubbed...then you’ll really have some crushed flowers. So I just ignored her.
I wonder what the cat was doing there...because she usually doesn't venture into the front yard. Probably just stalking some bird.


LZ Blogger said...

Sandy ~ Our Primrose are in bloom right now TOO! Cute post! ~ jb///

Franny said...

Thats a great photo! Like the tail sticking out...have I told you yet that you have the most beautiful gardens?

Kerri said...

What a great job you did with these pictures Sandy. Our kitties like to sleep under the flowers too, and strangely enough, they don't seem to do much damage. I think I see that bird Jybow is after :)
My evening primroses will be blooming soon. I'm still waiting for the peonies. I've noticed some are blooming locally.
I've had rotten luck with Blogger for the past 2 nights...trying to do a post but can't post pictures. I'm ready to scream so I'm giving up and going to bed. Maybe in the morning things will go better...if I don't have to go to work!
Thanks for stopping by (again) :)

manababies said...

Hehe, very cute. How I miss having a pet, especially one as low maintenance as a cat.

doubleknot said...

The tail is neat. I also think I spot the bird the cat may be after - he blends in so well with the flowers.
Lovely flowers.
P.S. Did I tell you thanks for helping me with the links. Granny tried also - I think I have it now with the hyper link.

susan said...

Great flowers! Love the 'tail' shot. You take great pictures, and your love of the outdoors comes through.

Tomas Dennis said...

Some cute little bird, here birdie birdie. I wonder if it knows Froggie and Mr.Tree