Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cucoo needs a helmet

I suppose that we will have to get Cucoo a helmet and a black leather jacket because the bike doesn’t leave the building without Cucoo as a passenger anymore.
Do you suppose that there is a Motorcycle Barbie? Cucoo and Barbie are about the same size and her clothes would probably fit him along with her helmet.
Cucoo doesn’t trust my driving yet and refuses to come out of the saddlebags…He says that I drive too fast and that it messes up his hair. He says I haven’t had enough practice yet and will only come out when Jimmy is doing the driving. Well Pooh on Cucoo!

Since the bike got converted into a trike, I have nearly put 2000 miles of driving on it. I think I’m doing pretty well for a great grandma, if I don’t say so myself. Jimmy said today, that I could have almost driven to California. I’m patting myself on the back because last year if you would have told me that I would be riding a motorcycle on the highways along side the big rigs, I would have laughed at you.

I’ve had a couple of scares…and they all involved debris on the roadways:

Those big black pieces of retread tires that those big tractor trailer trucks drop almost caused an accident right in front of me causing me to have to apply my brakes and swerve into the left lane to avoid hitting two cars that almost collided into each other trying to avoid 3 pieces of tires, on I-64…..

Next there were 2 long dresser drawers, full of clothes laying in the roadway that someone had apparently lost from their moving vehicle…..

Lets not forget the dog...I had to almost stop for him because he couldn’t make up his mind which way to go until Jimmy reached over my shoulders and honked the horn…..

Today there was a car fender in the road…it was blue…is anyone missing their fender? On down the road was a car hood, but it was off the roadway and, it didn’t match the fender…..

I also came across what appeared to be a piece of a 4x4 wooden post but it turned out to be a piece of metal….

I was able to avoid all of the obstacles, but this is why I don’t like driving at night…and I won’t if I can help it. Tuffenuf said in a comment that she once came across a stretched out alligator on her motorcycle…thank goodness we don’t have gators here but, we do have other moving targets and I hope they don’t jump out in front of me.

Today Cucoo will be riding with Jimmy while The Four Bears and I will be off to the movies. We will all join up later for supper. Have a nice day!


Tammy said...

Speakin' of motor~ sickles...the Honda plant here is having their big get together this weekend...saying it will be even bigger than last years when they broke the Guiness Book of World Records for the biggest gathering of motor~sickles...If I had a bigger place I would invite ya'll up...I'm sure all the motels and hotels are full for miles around...I'm gonna try to get some pic's of it for ya!! We went downtown last year and rubbed elbows with em...I love to people watch anyway but this was a hoot!!

Sharon K said...

I hope you can find a biker Barbie and dress the poor guy for the rode. And you will only get better the more you drive. Good luck to you and be safe.

PEA said...

Geez, you never know what you will find on the road!! Good thing you've been able to avoid them all!!! While at the casino in Niagara Falls, NY, they were having a Bike Show right next door and it was amazing all the various types of motorcycles that were there...I wish I would have thought of taking some pictures for you!! Cucoo will certainly need his own helmet and jacket now if he intends on going on every ride with you...I can just see all your readers now being on the lookout for a barbie motorcycle mama!! lol

LZ Blogger said...

Sandy ~ Cucoo and Barbie? Now there is a STAR CROSSED LOVE if there ever was one! Poor Ken (does he know yet?) ~ jb///

Granny said...

Brave soul you are.

TUFFENUF said...

It seems like you are encountering a LOT of objects in the road. I am glad that you are having such fun, and I think that you are really brave. It seems like we can do anything when we are young. We use the fact that we are old as an excuse to not do things; you have overcome the fear for the fun! Good for you!

Rachel said...

Cucoo still has plenty of hair after all! I imagine there might be a helmet out there to fit him somewhere and probably a tinunsy (meaning VERY tiny) leather jacket! He'd be a cool dude then for sure. Probably get the big head though, so maybe he's best left in the saddlebag?? (Sorry Cucoo).

It's good you are cautious while riding. I wouldn't ride at night either unless I had to. One time coming through Cincinnati this truck in front of me hit a bump and a big metal drain pipe came bouncing off it. Thankfully it was at a time when the traffic wasn't thick and since I wasn't following very close to him I was able to get in the other lanes and miss it. You just never know what will happen out there.

Hope you enjoyed the movie and the supper too!!

Merle said...

Dear Sandy ~~ You have done very well to start riding late in life and riding
all those miles. And what a lot of hazards are on the roads, do be very careful. It is better to be late, than dead on time. Thanks for your comments
Glad you got a laugh. Hugs, Merle.

HORIZON said...

You are a very brave great grandma! Just don't pat yourself on the back when your riding!
Wow, a gator on the road- there must be a joke for that somewhere???
Tell that lovely daughter of yours that l miss her. Hope all is well. xx
Cucoo in a helmet- won't his hair STILL get in the way?? :)

Hattigrace said...

I am amazed! That's a bunch of miles. I would think Cucoo would be trusting you by now!!!

Finn said...

Hi ho Kentucky friends, *VBS*! I think you are doing just great Sandy...!! What an incredible array of stuff to see on the highway. I've never seen anything nearly that odd..LOL
Maybe is not Barbie, maybe some of the action figures for boys would have equipment that Cuckoo would fit into. I know they have those hanging packages of boy dolls also. Army, super hero, all kinds of different ones. Just a thought..*S*
Hope you are getting that rainy day you told me about. They are just what is needed sometimes. A reason to stay home and veg out..Hugs, Finn

Dr. Charles said...

be careful, cockoo can only protect you so many times :) seriously, sounds like a lot of close calls. be well.

Ava said...

Sounds like quite an obstacle course out there!

Hope you enjoy yourself at the movie!

The Four Bears in the Woods said...

Sounds like you are doing great on your driving. We are proud of you! I know you are so happy that you have accomplished this!

Thanks for the great time we had a good time spending the day with you and at the movies.

Kerri said...

I can't wait to see Cucoo in his leather jacket and helmet. he looks a little scared in that second photo. Perhaps he'd like a motorcycle Barbie to keep him company on those long rides. Or maybe her nose wouldn't be pointed enough to suit his tastes :)
My hubby said he'd go riding with you :) It sounds like a dangerous occupation to me! Riding in general that is...with all those obstacles...I'd be too chicken.You're doing so well. Go ahead and pat yourself on the deserve it! Be careful out there! I hope you don't find any alligators!

doubleknot said...

Extra pats on you back. Isn't it wonderful when we do something we never dreamed we would do.
Cucoo really needs a helmet and jacket - hope you find one for him.

d34dpuppy said...

there is a harley davidson barbie don't ask me how i know that