Monday, July 17, 2006

Surprises at the gas pump

I found a very interesting thing at the pump on Saturday as I was filling the motorcycle up with gas…Maybe you have also seen this!
The screen on the pump used for debit & credit card purchases was playing TV Land. It started after I stuck my debit card in and made my choices. I watched it in disbelief, then came to the conclusion that it was put there as a diversion to the rising cost of gas…maybe you won’t notice the price of the gas if you’re watching TV Land.

It stopped playing as soon as I took my receipt…And I really didn’t get to watch it much, because it’s hard to pump gas into the bike and watch the little screen at the same time.

Maybe if I’d been in a car, I could have set the gas pump and let it pump itself…and maybe got to watch it more…maybe pulled out one of my lawn chairs out of the trunk, had Jimmy run into the station for some popcorn and something to wash it down with.*S*

Yesterday, I rode for 185 miles and didn’t run into anymore of these TV playing gas pumps…of course some of the stations that we stopped at didn’t even have the debit card slots: they still had the old gas pumps.

For those of you that know the area, we rode from home down to Whitley City, Kentucky and then back home again…It was 97º and it was nice & cool driving between mountain passes and wonderful too when clouds covered the sun, for a bit of relief. Today I’ll rest because tomorrow we’re going on another great adventure to meet a blogging buddy in person…Can’t wait!


Ava said...

I've seen those one tv somewhere ... I don't remember what it was. The news maybe? I've not seen any here, but yes, a nice diversion from watching the sales total go up ... and up ... and up ... and up!!!

Congrats on your ride! You're getting gooooooooooood!!!!

How exciting to get to meet a blogging friend in person! Hope you have a great ride and a lot of fun!

HORIZON said...

All so modern- we don't have those here yet. Then we still are running behind even on washing machines!!
You're definately getting around these days.
I would love to meet up with a blogging friend, especially your daughter- think we have much in common. :)
Anyway hope you don't get too nervous and have a lovely time.
Take Care & Bests,

TUFFENUF said...

Ha-Ha! Cute post! Yeah, why don't they stop spending money on TV at the pump and pass that along to us in lower prices. Crazy, watching TV at the pump! Good luck in your travels, be careful.

PEA said...

Sheesh, never heard of that before! They're gouging us at the pumps and yet now they're installing tv for us to watch?? Wonder who came up with that "bright" idea! lol Hey, you're doing really well at riding on your own....good for you!!!! What fun to be meeting a blogging friend...of course we'll expect a full report and pictures afterwards!!!!

Rachel said...

I have never seen one of those machines either. Gee whiz, what will they think of next?

The ride sounds great but that heat! On a bike though I would imagine it's lots cooler.

How exciting to meet a blogging buddy!! Be careful and enjoy the drive!

Paige said...

Ah the blue grass state has many beauties. I have been there & have family near Bowlingreen (sp?) Only 97 wow!

Tammy said...

Now, if that don't beat all!!
I bet you are excited to meet a blogging buddy in person...I was thinking I might get down your way sometime too...I would love to meet you and Sharon!
Have a great time!

Motherkitty said...

Now who can this blogging buddy be? If you're coming our way, we have to be in Nashville for MD appointment tomorrow but will be hope tomorrow night. If not in our neck of the woods, hope to see you soon.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

tammy...If you ever get down this way, we would love to meet you too.

Motherkitty...We plan on coming to see you before the summer ends. I'll call you before we come.

Hattigrace said...

Oh, I am envious. So much fun to meet blogging buddies. It is very different, b/c out here we are so OUT THERE with our feelings. In person, tend to be a bit more guarded. Have a great time.

Thanks for your encouragement on my cut. Haven't had it this short in a long time, so, yes, I am feeling a bit insecure about my new look!! I don't let my clients know that, though!

squire said...

Sounds great to be meeting a "blogger buddy" in person.

Peter said...

You are a year or two in front of us there with those Gas pumps Sandy, let me say though it would take something pretty darned good to get my mind of the cost of gas.

LoriSchuster said...

oh my gosh...that is too funny. I love your take on it... and at least we know why it's so expensive to go to the pump. Funny post. Hope your trip went well.

Val said...

How great to meet a blogging buddy. I'm hoping to do that sometime soon too.

Your journey sounds like so much fun!