Friday, July 14, 2006

Where did it come from?

Thursday, after the rain slacked off, Jimmy called me outside and told me there was a flower that he wanted me to see.I went outside and next to the house was this beautiful lily with just one bloom on it. I had watched it grow along with the rest of the lillies, but I had never seen this type of bloom before in my garden. I didn't plant it there and this was the first year it has made it's presence known.
Look at it! Isn't it beautiful with all it's dark spots on orange? And look at all those tentacles hanging down. I know they aren't called tenacles, but that's what they look like to me....and they also look like they're wearing shoes. *LOL* It looks like a kind of a fancy looking spider that is getting ready to tap dance.

I also like the water droplets on the lily and I can't wait until the rest of the buds bloom out.

I took a walk farther back in the yard to the vegetable garden and some old sunflower seeds were now about 15 foot tall and resembled sunflower bushes. They come up on one corner of the garden every year on their own...Well, with a little help from the birds that feed on them. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get a picture of those lovely little yellow birds that feed on the sunflower seeds.
My tomatoes are getting bigger, but I noticed some brown spotches on the leaves. We have had about 4 ripe tomatoes, but they have been very small & deformed...not anything I would proudly photograph.

The red raspberries are beginning to ripen slowly, and I have some yellow crooked neck squash, banana peppers and green peppers that are ready to pick. We have had several messes of the squash that we have given to the neighbors so far.

There is one strange pepper plant that we are trying to looks like a habinero hot pepper (don't know if that's how it's spelled). I should have taken a picture of it, but I think if one of us just tastes it...we will know! It was mixed up with our banana peppers that we bought from Wal-Mart or maybe Lowes.

Well, that's about it...We were bad and never cleaned the house, but we were bad together. I caught up on reading blogs and Jimmy cut a small hole in the back of one of our out-buildings so the cats, Jybow in particular, would have a safe place to escape the wrath of a thunderstorm...just in case we weren't at home to let her in the house. Heaven forbid that his cat should have to crawl under the building, like the rest of the other six cats.

Have a nice weekend if I don't see or hear from you...And I'll be back on Monday if not before.


susan said...

MMM fresh tomatoes, squash, peppers, makes me hungry! Have a great weekend!

Tomas Dennis said...

Me thinks me computer had a bug in it. I had checked your blog yesterday and there was nothing there but the great greeting of Happy Birthday Zac. Then Motherkitty had said, "Is there something wrong with the blogs; I can't get on mine?" I said there was a notice on my blog that it was going to be down for maintenance today (7/13/2006).
So this morning there are a lot of new posts to see.

tawzoOur garden is small and slow to produce tomatoes this year. I never got an early start on it because of Motherkitty's knee. We planted a bunch of perennials in the side garden and a mess of lilies out front.

somershade said...

Yum rasberries soon.
Can't believe Jimmy cut a hole in his building,he is such a sweety.

The flower reminded me of an octopus getting ready for a jog, with his new little shoes :)
I know they don't have legs,but if they did.

Love you xxxooo

Motherkitty said...

Does Tiger Lily sound familiar? Full of pistols and stamen?

Merle said...

Hello Sandy ~~ That sure is one beautiful lily. Could be a tiger lily as
motherkitty suggests.
Thanks for your comments, and you have a wonderful weekend. See you next week.
Take care, Merle.

wazza said...

Gidday Sandy, Thanks for your comment on Samantha Sang. Just to let you know only Barry Gibb sang on the song "Emotion" with Samantha. If you listen to "Emotion" on any of the Bee Gees albums only the Bee Gees are singing. The song was written for Samantha and it was only at a later date that the Bee Gees recorded this song. Love the photos of the lillies. Roses are my favourites as are orchids. Ona a later date I'll do a post on these two flowers and will include some photos of both flowers.

Sue said...

Our tomatoes aren''t doing well either.
It seems hot enough, but none have ripened.
I love the Lily, but don't know its name. Tiger Lily sounds good though!

HORIZON said...

Looks like a tiger lily to me- check out my posts - you'll have to scroll down a bit but l have the smaller variety of them against the wall out front. I love your description of them with tap dancing feet-lol- made me smile. :)

Tammy said...

Those are some nice lookin' maters and that squash would be nummy in a casserole or I'm hongry!!
That is a strange but pretty lilly!!

PEA said...

They look like Tiger Lilies but I thought Tiger Lilies had straight petals, not curled in like that! Where's a professional gardener when you need one?? lol Can't get over the size of your tomatoes...ours are just starting to grow now, we always have such a late and short gardening season!

jellyhead said...

Hi Sandy! (I'm lurking in an internet shop in Vancouver!) I love your photos and descriptions of your flowers... especially the 'spider'!

Hope you have a happy and healthy weekend!

Tropical Screamer said...

Yum. All your vegetables are making my mouth water. And who cares what the tomatoes looked like?

I won't even tell you how much I just paid to get real, vine ripened tomatoes. I make a whole meal out of them.



Ava said...

What a beautiful lilly!!!!

And mmm ... Fresh ripe tomatoes are the very best!!!!

TUFFENUF said...

I think that is a tiger lilly! What a beautiful garden you have!

Rachel said...

Tiger lilly I think. Very pretty, but all the lillies are so pretty! I like how you described it! You are right about the shoes and it looking like it was going to dance!

We have had no rain here yet!

How nice of Jimmy to cut a hole for Jybow!! Nice man!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Paige said...

So cool to have a mystery lilly. Very snappy looking. Happy weekend or if on Monday have a great week.

The Four Bears in the Woods said...

How sweet of Jimmy to cut Jybow a hole for him to escape to. I am glad our cats have places to hide when it storms.

Very pretty flowers.

Wow what a tomato! Can't wait for ours to rippen. we checked them today and they are very tall, we have never seen such tall tomatoes! The tomatoes are not very big. Hopefully they will get bigger! This all we planted this year.

I just love that yellow squash you make with the sauteed onions. That is delicious. I had never had yellow squash until you made it. It is one of my favorites. *VBS*

Love raspberries too, I don't think ours are doing that well this year. Not sure why.

We are looking forward to getting Jimmy's recipe for wine and trying to make some wine and maybe some grape jelly. Thank you guys for offering some of your grapes.

Good pictures.

Tim Rice said...

It looks and sounds like you have a wonderful flower, vegetable, and fruit garden. Makes me hungry. :)