Sunday, August 20, 2006

Belated Birthday

Last Thursday, Jimmy needed a second opinion on an electrical project he was working on, so he called for Brian to come over and help him. I visited with my grandson Doug, while the men were working outdoors. Doug and I had a very good visit and it was nice to see him again. Doug has been living in Cynthiana and has recently decided to move back home for a while. That means I get to see him more often...yipee!After the work was done, we met Reva & Brandon at the Mexican restaurant. Here they are from left to right: Doug, Brian, Reva, Brandon (The Four Bears in the Woods) & Jimmy. I had promised to take Reva to the Mexican restaurant on her birthday, but Brian had already planned to have a cookout to celebrate her of course we didn't get to go.

Doug found the picture below this time...Matt, one of my other grandsons had found the picture when we were there for Suzanne's birthday dinner.

This is a picture of a my grandfather's dad...and what a surprise to see him painted on the wall of the restaurant.

We kept threatening Reva about calling the waiters over to sing Happy Birthday to her and making her wear that BIG sombrero, but we were nice to her this time...But she better watch out next year! We only let it go this year because we didn't think of it until after we got the check.

Have you ever wondered why they call it a check?...It's a bill for your meal. My guess is that maybe a long time ago, when you finished eating, you would say, "check please," and they would bring you a blank check for you to fill out and sign.

August is a big birthday month for us. We have two more birthdays coming up. Megan will be 17 years old on Tuesday, Aug. 22nd and Dennis will be 65 (and I hear looking forward to getting to use his new Medicare card) on Thursday, Aug. 24th. I don't mean he's planning on using his Medicare card on Thursday...that's when his birthday is...Thursday.


Ava said...

Glad you got to visit with your grandson. How cool to find a family picture in the restaurant!!!

PEA said...

Wow, I would have been thrilled too to find a picture of my great grandfather on a restaurant cool is that??? Glad to hear you all had such a nice time and I found it interesting your explanation about it being called a check instead of a bill...never thought of that!! lol HUGS

Sue said...

Have fun celebrating all those birthdays! Very interesting about your great grandpa being painted on the wall of that restaurant. Is the restaurant still owned by family?

Finn said...

So many birthdays!! Only a couple of August birthdays in my family...Sept is my "hardest hit" month..LOL
And a happy 65th year to Dennis..that Medicare card is a mixed blessing.