Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My First Grandson

Doug is my oldest grandson and has lived most of his life in Cynthiana…And just because he hasn’t been around much lately, mostly just on holidays & occasional visits…doesn’t mean that he doesn’t mean as much to me as the rest of my grandsons, Brandon, Zac & Matt. I love him just as much!!! He’s just older and has been gone away from home for awhile.

I feel very blessed these days because Doug has once again decided to move back home with his parents for awhile. That means that I will be able to see him much more…daily if I want to eat at Wendy’s everyday…because that’s where he works for the time being…And Wendy’s is not more that 10 minutes away, if that.

Yesterday was his first day at work there, so I decided to stay away and let him get settled in to work. By day two (today), I couldn’t stand it any longer and showed up there for a burger…with my camera of course. *S* I tried to be as inconspicuous as possible, only taking pictures when his boss’s head was turned…but she noticed the flash…It was a dead giveaway. Luckily she looked like a nice grandma herself and kind of acted like I might not have been the first relative of his to stop in there. *VBS* I’d almost bet that some of the Four Bears in the Woods have already been in there…and maybe even Aunt Somershade herself.

Here are some of my “Sneaky Pics,” that I took of Doug working…I’m sure I embarrassed him, but grandmas will be grandmas and we are proud of our grandchildren and try to show it every chance we get. We just can't help it!!! I couldn’t give him a kiss or a hug, because I couldn’t get behind that counter…and jumping over it, might have gotten him fired…So, I just left with a quiet wave & a good-bye.
One thing that I failed to mention above, is that Doug is Brother Bear of the Four Bears in the Woods.

Did you notice in the pictures that Doug & his boss are the only ones wearing yellow shirts? Is this why he's starting out with good pay and benefits in 30 days?


PEA said...

Lol if Doug is anything like my two sons, they groan when they see the camera coming out! They always give me a hard time about posing! lol Congrats to Doug on his job, he seems like a fine young man:-)Just don't go over and pinch his cheek!!! lol

Marsha said...

thanks for the kind words about my children stories.

Sharon K said...

I am sure Doug understands the grandma thing....I hope.....
so much fun watching them grow up
Very handsome young man my friend..

Sue said...

My grandkids haven't reached the rolling their eyes or groaning when the camera is on them. I suspect that it may arrive before too terribly long for the oldest one!

Pamela said...

OMG, I so enjoyed reading this post and he is quite the good sport and/or must really love his nice of you to wait for the 2nd day to go in and take sneaky pics. lol

squire said...

Second day, you have restaint.

Abandoned in Pasadena said... glad to see a new face among the crowd...thank you for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment.

Sharon K...I thing Doug is very handsome also.

Sue...if they haven't reached that stage by now, they will probably always let you take their pictures.

Pea...Doug has never shyed away from the camera or rolled his eyes at me...his little brother on the other hand will sometimes put his hands in front of his face, when he sees the camera.

Squire...I think you're making fun of me here *LOL*

Tammy said...

I'll have a single combo, no mayo and a diet coke please...
nice looking grandson!!
PS...I live about 13 miles from Wendy's Headquarters...want me to put in a good word for him??

The Four Bears in the Woods said...

I could tell that Doug enjoyed you and Jimmy stopping by to visit him. He laughed about you taking pictures. I told him he was on the blog and he said he figured that. He hasn't read it yet, he like his dad hardly ever reads them. He also told me that he messed up Jimmy's order. He said he put cheese on his burger. I laughed and said that was a big NO NO for Jimmy he hates that when someone puts it on his burger. LOL He just laughed, I am sure he will remember this the next time.

Love you all,

Mama Bear

Ava said...

Great pictures!!!! I hope you enjoy your time having him close by.

Granny said...

My girls scowled at the camera yesterday.

I have a shot like that of my son behind the counter at the Barnes & Noble cafe.

He hates it.

You have a nice looking grandson.

Kerri said...

So nice to have a tolerant grandson :) I'm sure he doesn't mind the attention from Grandma. I think most kids enjoy that "grandma's pride in her grandkids" thing. He's a nice looking boy.
You really enjoy your grandkids, and that's great!!! They're all lucky to have such a proud and loving grandma :)

Rachel said...

Wendy's. I had their chicken nuggets today! Hubby likes them too. We dip them in honey.

So nice that he'll be close by so you can see him more often!

Tim Rice said...

It is nice having family close at hand. Looks and sounds like a great grandson. Enjoy!

somershade said...

I stopped into see him on his regular scheduled time and they said they didn't have a doug that worked there.So I thought about the time I stopped into see Brian at work and they said they don't have a Brian,we have a guy name JB.:)Doug probably goes by Brian.So I will stop again.

doubleknot said...

Handsome grand son. Wow he got a yellow shirt first thing - must be manager material.

It was nice they let you take pictures.