Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Isn't this comfy...

The cats are a little BIG for the basket, but Jybow & Daisy have both been sleeping in it.

Ah...isn't this comfy!

I think someone has been in our playhouse...Our mice are scattered around inside and it kinda smells human.

Is it a Jack in the Box?'s a cute little girl in the box.

I was just experimenting with my text and trying to figure out how to change the color, but it won't do it over here on my old computer side (only my brother & DIL know what I'm talking about). Later I'll go over to the "color" side and try to post from there.

I want to thank my brother, Tomas....who worked on my computer almost the whole time he was here to correct a problem with color. I haven't been seeing anyones beautiful templates on my computer....Every blog has been in black & white, except for the pictures of course....just the templates have been blank for me. I didn't know that all of you had such beautiful makes me now want to spruce mine up a bit. Tammy had sent me a picture of her blog to show me her colorful template and Somershade said that on her hubbys computer, all the blogs looked very colorful...So when my brother took a look at my computer, he immediately said something was wrong. I never knew anything was wrong because this is what web pages & blogs have looked like to me for the last 3 years. THANK YOU Dear Brother...You have opened my eyes to a new and wonderful world of color.


Tomas Dennis said...

Love the photos and love your blog. You are welcome.

HORIZON said...

What a good brother you have! Love the jack in the box too! Hope you are well and Happy Belated Birthday dear Lady. xxx

Tammy said...

Blogger is being a bootie!!
I was just saying...I am enjoying my fresh as for your blog as I told you you have white sides and a white banner...I always wondered if that was normal or some kind of glitch.

Cheyenne said...

Happy belated birthday. Mine was on the 23rd and my husband's on the 25th. You're sandwiched in between.
Was it just a monitor adjustment? I can't believe you went a whole 3 years that way. Talk about a whole new world opening up.
Love the cats.

Sue said...

Hmm, I've tried several times to comment and blogger just gobbles it!
OK: quickly! Loved the pictures of all the family and glad you had such a wonderful weekend!

Gary said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of color.

Those cats look like they have found themselves a home. :)

Abandoned in Pasadena said... template is the simplest of templates and is supposed to look just as it does.

Cheyenne...Happy Birthday to your hubby and to you!
I think it is a program problem.

tomas dennis...I love you too!

T. said...

Well, welcome to the world of Technicolor.

And happy Belated Birthday, Sandy.

Hope it was wonderful, and I wish you many, many more.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

One more thing I have to add here is that I've only been blogging since last December and the hotel computers and other people's computers that I used while away have the same problem because the blogs looked just as they did on my computer before my brother fixed it. So of course nothing looked amiss to me.

somershade said...

I want to take that last little kitty in the box home with me.The one with the pig tails,she so cute.

Rachel said...

Great pictures!! Glad your brother helped you with the color on your computer!!

Kerri said...

Oh couldn't be cuter....the kitties and little one. How sweet! Those 2 little grandnieces (right?) of yours are both adorable, and what a blessing to have another babe on the way!

I like a person who pampers kitties (and children :) They're worth it! They give us such simple pleasure with their affection and love.