Thursday, September 07, 2006

Weird Pet Tricks or Characteristics

I’ve been Tagged for another MEME by Sue of Susie’s Space.
This is what I’ve been asked to do:
Name 5 weird pet tricks/characteristics and then pick 5 friends who have pets to play along.

When I was tagged I thought, this would be easy: but then I couldn’t think of anything weird that my cats do, that is so out of the ordinary.

But here goes.

1. Since our sweet little dog died, Daisy poops on her grave every chance she gets. See picture above.

2. Jybow stalks BIG DOGS and chases them…Not very smart huh? Jybow also crawls between the sheet & the top quilt, of a made bed to hide from the vacuum cleaner. Chicken

3. Jybow fetches like a dog and won’t quit until she’s ready to quit. The cats also dig holes in the yard like a typical dog…just for the pleasure of digging. They also don’t fill them back in.

4. The cats will barely move out of the way of a motorcycle and will come running to greet us when we come home. Daisy came within inches of being run over by the bike backing out of the building…she just won’t move. She’s not the only one. We have to shoo them away from harms way every time we bring the bikes out.

5. The Wildcat will not move away from the lawnmower, while it’s running when it comes near her…or the weed-eater. But all the cats, except Jybow, will run & hide from anyone & everyone, except from Jimmy & I.

Well that completes my MEME and now I must tag five weird friends that have pets. NO, NO, NO! That’s not how it goes…I must tag five friends with weird pets…no, that’s not it either. Wait a minute while I go back and read what it says above in the first paragraph….

OK…I’m ready. I’m supposed to tag five friends who have pets.

And I tag:

1. Rachel
2. Doubleknot
3. Mama Bear
4. Ava
5. Somershade
6. Darilyn

***I can’t count either***

If you have a pet and want to play, please feel free to join right in. Just let us know in the comments so that we can come over to read your MEME or just list your five things in the comments, if you’d rather do that.


Granny said...

Hi. Just letting you know I've finally caught up with your posts and perhaps Blogger will let me leave a comment.

Nice pics - all the way through the last six posts.

Sue said...

You crack me up! I think you certainly came up with plenty of weird things about your pets. I knew your meme would be funny!! Thanks for playing! (I was wondering if you'd work Cucoo into this)

Deepak Gopi said...

I have a cat exactly like this one in My house.
Thanks for the visit and for those
nice words.

somershade said...

You forgot about the one how PJ would go outside and use the bathroom while balancing on only two frount paws, so not to get her feet wet on the morning dew.

somershade said...

I'll work on mine today

Paige said...

Cats are funny creatures. You know you don't own them, they are not your pet. YOU are theirs, they comand you to do their bidding & if you don't they will go find some one who will.
Happy weekend!

Merle said...

Dear Sandy ~~ Meme well done, funny cat
Number 1 is a little strange
Thank you ever so much for that lovely
e mail movie The Dash. I love it and have sent it to some of my friends.
It is really nice, Thanks Sandy. Take care my friend. Love, Merle.

Tropical Screamer said...

OK, Sandy. I couldn't write today but Tigger dictated his list. ;)

Loved your list.


Rachel said...

I'll do it this coming week. I made a note so I won't forget. I was supposed to do a meme that someone chose me for before but now I have forgotten what it was or who picked me......oh, these senior moments are coming on more often!!

But this I wrote down! I enjoyed your list! All pets have their own personality!

doubleknot said...

Oh I was like you I couldn't think of a thing about my pets now I think I can write the meme.

Kerri said...

Oh that disrespectful Daisy! I know her mama has taught her better than that!
We have several cats that sit in the driveway and won't move if a car drives in. Honestly, they'd sit and let the car run over them, I swear! They make me so mad!
This was a fun post Sandy :)