Wednesday, October 11, 2006

All comfy & cozy

Our cats have their favorite places to sleep and if Jimmy is not around, Jybow will curl up and sleep in her comfy cat house below.

Daisy prefers sleeping in my computer room on the daybed as I'm blogging. Other than on my dirty, stinky tennis shoes, Daisy prefers to lay on Moosley, the brown moose. Daisy can always be found here if I'm here. Daisy is an unusual cat as she doesn't like to be petted, but she has to be wherever I am and if I touch her tail she will begin to purrr.
Now...this is Jybow's favorite place...on Jimmy's lap while he watches TV late at night. Hopalong has to be by his side and occasionally, both cats want to be on his lap at the same time. Sometimes Jimmy just gives up and lets the cats have the chair.

This is the Wildcat, so named because she is approximately 8-10 years old and has always been very wild until this past year when SHE decided that she would allow touching. It started with leg rubbing and last week she surprised Jimmy by slowly climbing on his lap while he was sitting on the swing. Another big surprise happend a few days ago when Jimmy & Brian were installing a radio on Jimmy's bike. The Wildcat jumped on the saddlebag and went to sleep and didn't even get off when they rolled the bike outside and started it up...Mind you, Jimmy has very loud drag pipes on his bike...way to loud for me! We were so amazed that I made a video of her sleeping while the bike is running...They even turned the music WAY up and she just bent her ears in dissatisfaction...I guess she doesn't like country music.

The kitten in Rusty's food dish is not my cat...well, neither is Rusty the dog. They belong to The Four Bears in the Woods. I just took the picture while I was visiting. The kitten was sleeping in the food dish but now it's using it for a bathtub. I think it's washing up for supper...Rusty's supper.


It started out rainy & cold this morning, but I see the sun has come out while I've been in here blogging.

Jimmy went back for a post op exam with his eye doctor this morning and it seems that his eyesight in his left eye has been restored to normal vision, so they are considering removing the other cataract from his right eye. He has an appointment in 2 weeks to see the eye surgeon and if the surgeon goes ahead and removes the cataract, then Jimmy probably won't need to wear any corrective contacts or no glasses. That's only if the next eye does as well. Right now we just have to wait until Jimmy sees the surgeon.


jellyhead said...

These photos made me smile! I guess I'm a sucker for cute cats (and dogs!)

The story about Wildcat on the bike is amazing!!

Hope your day is going well, Sandy :)

Kat Campbell said...

Looks like you must feed your cats like I do, my fat girl is name Ophelia and our little lady, Isobelle, looks just like Wildcat! I just love cat and dog stories. I should have been a vet.

Floridacracker said...

Best wishes to Jimmy. Hope it all goes well.

Sue said...

That Wildcat story is so cute. I loved seeing all the photos of your very contented kitties. What good news about Jimmy's eyes. Bill is getting anxious to get his fixed!

Tomas Dennis said...

I can not believe the bike is running in the photo. The photo is a winner and so is the text.
Should I say "tee hee", "ha ha", or grin like a happy cat. Love it.

Granny said...

Wonderful cats. Glad the news is so good about Jimmy's eye.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy, that post was a pet, glad to hear that Jimmies eye is doin' well.

Shelley said...

Oh..another kitty person. Anyone who loves kitties is a friend of mine!

Rachel said...

Wonderful news about Jimmy's eye!!

Love the cat pictures!! Cats are so sweet. Looks like yours have it made!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy Some cute photos there.
I am so glad that Jimmy's eyesight is so
much better. It would be wonderful to get rid of glasses, they are so hot, when the weather is hot. Take care Sandy. Love, Merle.

PEA said...

Love all the's so funny the strangest places cats will find to sleep in!! So glad that Jimmy's eye is now much better...hopefully the other one will have just as much success!!

Anonymous said...

can I be your pet!

Tropical Screamer said...

Sending good thoughts to Jimmy.

And those are -great- pictures. Thank you for sharing.


Naturegirl said...

Love the images of your cats I just love watching mine sleep.You know that deep gone to la la land sleep they look like angels perhaps that's because they are!!
p.s. i am holding one of my angels while typing this.