Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cats Rule

I was there first...GET OFF! M O M...Jybow stole my place...make her get off!!!
Jybow's favorite place to be while Jimmy is watching tv.
Daisy loves feet and if she sees one or two lying around, she'll plop right down on top of them...And they're usually my feet.
Here she is on my foot again. She's not a lap cat and doesn't much care for petting, but stick out your dirty foot and she'll use it for a pillow.
And if my feet aren't available, she'll settle for my stinky old shoes. As a kitten she used to crawl in them and sleep and chew on them like a puppy. My youngest daughter always said that Daisy was a dog in disguise because she chewed everything up. Thank goodness, she outgrew that stage.

I had some dreary early morning pictures that I was going to post, but then the day turned out to be a beautiful one...Jimmy & I even saw a very large colorful rainbow but we were in Lexington traffic and couldn't pull over to get a good picture of it. Both ends of the rainbow touched the ground and it made a very beautiful half circle in the sky. Since I decided not to post the dreary weather pictures & didn't get the beautiful rainbow, you get kitty pictures instead.

The reason we went to Lexington, is that I needed to renew my military ID expired last week. It's really a dependant's ID card. Jimmy was the one in the army. It has very good prescription coverage and I had 2 prescriptions that needed to be filled. We arrived at the Armory, in Lexington around 11 a.m. and were told that they no longer made ID cards there and were told to go to the airport...No, we weren't getting to fly anywhere...shucks :(
They made the ID cards on the road behind the airport...but before we got out of the building, an officer caught up to us and told us that they no longer made the cards there he led us to an office where a young leutenant gave us the directions to another location in Frankfort, Kentucky. On our way out...just to make sure...I got the phone number of the Frankfort location. A young lady officer gave me a print out and when we got to the car, which was a half mile away from the building because of numerous concrete barracades (You terrorists can't get close enough to bomb the buildings), I noticed that the sheet said, "ID Cards made by appointment only." To make this long story short...I used my cell phone and made the call. The officer on the other end asked me where I was calling from and I told him Lexington and he said, "Why are you coming all the way to Frankfort? Go to the airport!"

I got my new card and went straight to the drugstore with my prescriptions. My new Rx for Prevacid was covered, but my Bp medication that I've taken for 2 years was not. Now my poor doctor will have to fill out a form for me to send to my insurance company or change my Rx to one that is covered. I just don't understand why the insurance companies get to decide what medications I can take...that should be my doctors decision. I'm finding out that I'm allergic to certain medications and I really hate to have to try a new Bp one. And of all the times for this to happen...My doctor is moving away this December and, she is being replaced by one that doesn't know my history. BooHoo.

At least the insurance company provided me with a list of the drugs which they approve and I will show my new doctor the list. She can either choose from it or fill out my form stating why I must take the medication I am currently on. I guess it's really no big deal.

I can't believe how warm it is right now...It's 64ยบ F and it's almost 11 pm. There's a cold front moving across the midwest and they're expecting severe weather. I really hate to hear that. My brother & his family are on the fringes of the storms, but I don't think it's expected to reach them tonight.
Hug someone you love and let them know how you feel.


Anonymous said...

Sounds just like a government mix up Sandy.

PEA said...

That's what you call a kitty with a foot fetish! lol That is just too cute! Wish we were like that and could just flop around anywhere to fall asleep...but not at the feet! lol Wow, what a runaround you had to get your card...figures, no one seems to know what is going on!!

Anonymous said...

Sending you a hug, Sandy..... cute pictures of the kitties.....

Sue said...

Cute kitty photos! How funny that she loves feet and shoes so much. We've played that runaround game with Bill's ID card at the air base near us. I think all things like this have changed since 9/11

Cheyenne said...

I'm in PA, it's 1 AM and the temp is 62. By the time that storm hits us it will be only rain. And high winds, which I hate.
Love the photos of your cats. I recently adopted two kittens (Dakota Sioux and Junior).

Kerri said...

Love those kitties Sandy! Your pictures are wonderful. Aren't cats funny creatures with their idiosyncrasies? Yours look so lovable.
I hope you can get a RX that suits you. What a lot of fuss to have to go through. My hubby can only get certain meds through the Vet's Administration too. Makes it difficult sometimes.

Granny said...

Great kitty pictures.

That sure was a runaround on your i.d. When I was working I used to call it the joys of dealing with the Federal government.

Tropical Screamer said...

Tigger,Jybow and Daisy look like they are from the same family. :)

Red Ginger furry ones are the best. ;)


doubleknot said...

The kittys are so cute. Our cat has decided to stay out side most of the time. I miss him wanting to get petted all the time.
On your medication, I call it the merry-go-round. After talking to who knows how many people a lot of the time you end up right back where you started. It is a good idea to take your list of drugs - I do that also but I have found that they will OK my meds just takes time.