Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Little helper

Polishing furniture is hard work... Just ask Daisy.

If it wasn't for Daisy, this table would be covered with dust. And as you can see, she put a nice reflective shine on the coffee table. She could do wonders with a little "Endust" sprayed on her coat, but I'm sure that would be poisonous to her...and, I sure wouldn't want to hurt my little helper.

All's well in our little household...
I've recovered and doing fine and Jimmy has another post operative appointment tomorrow. I'm glad that his surgeon keeps such close watch on his cataract patients. And...Thank you very much for all your supportive comments and emails.


jellyhead said...

Hi Sandy,

I'm sorry I missed your news of you being sick, and Jimmy having surgery (I've had a sick child to deal with the past 5 days)

I'm glad you're feeling better, and that Jimmy is ok, too. Give Daisy a gentle pat for me!

Rachel said...

Cute little helper you have there!! Glad you and Jimmy are both doing well. Today was sure a day for staying inside!

Take care!

Kerri said...

What a sweet little helper you have there. How thoughtful of her!
I'm so glad your itch has gone and you're feeling better. Also glad things are going well for Jimmy. Sounds like he has a good Dr.
We actually saw just a hint of sunshine this afternoon. Just a hint, mind you. So I know the Big Guy upstairs is still producing it!

Kat said...

Pretty kitty! We tease ours when she's on the stairs so that when she bats at us, she dusts between the spindles. Glad to hear you both are feeling better.

PEA said...

Can I borrow your little duster??? hehe That is so precious!! Glad to hear you're feeling better and hopefully Jimmy will get positive results from the surgery:-)

Alipurr said...

love that picture with kitty's reflection in the wood. She has the same attitude I have towards the news most of the time. ha ha

Granny said...

I'm up to 4 cats again. Shouldn't have a dusty surface in the house.

Glad all of you are doing well.