Sunday, November 26, 2006

Taking it easy

Sorry that you haven't heard from me in a while, but now that Thanksgiving is over with we can relax and get ready for my favorite holiday...Christmas! I say "we" meaning Daisy & myself...Thanksgiving just wore her out having to dodge so many feet.

The weather has warmed up again nearing the 70º F. mark and of course, anyone who knows Jimmy & I, know that you won't find us sitting at home if the temperature is above 60º. It takes 60 for me to ride, but Jimmy rides if it's dry...that's his criteria. I have to have a little warmth along with the dry, before I ride. We met 3 friendly bikers today and talked to them for about an hour outside a restaurant and they invited us to join them, on bike night, for a ride to Science Hill.

There were many bikes out today enjoying the warmth of the sun. What's nice about bikers is that they're friendly and will come over and start up a conversation with other bikers. Would you walk up to strange car drivers and begin a conversation everytime you see a car? Your answer is probably NO. I don't either. But bikers are different...they're friendly towards other bikers. They also wave to each other when they pass on the roadways. Bikers don't consider other bikers as strangers, but friends they just haven't met yet.

Tomorrow I plan to go out and meet more friends, who perhaps will direct me to a wonderful place to see in their a beautiful waterfall or a scenic view not known to the general public, or a herd of elk in a distant field. There is always some new destination to discover and I plan on going there.

Get out and enjoy the warm sunny weather and for the Christmas holidays, do something nice and "pass it backwards." When you pull up to pay for your food at a drive-in restaurant, just go ahead and pay for the car behind you and tell the cashier to just wish the car Merry Christmas. And believe me, it's more fun when you don't have a clue who's in the car behind you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy, it must be a very nice feeling to mingle with all those other bikers, as a car driver I envy you.

Kerri said...

You sure make biking sound like lots of fun. Glad you have the opportunity to meet so many friendly people and see some wonderful sights.
It's good to see that Daisy is catching up on her rest :)
Our weather has been sunny and warmer too (but not 70º!). It's such a blessing after all the rain!
Yes, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving as I'm sure you did too.
Enjoy your rides!

Godknows said...

In Viet Nam we don't have this day but there are lots of American in Viet nam and they made big parties. Happy Thanksgiving!

DellaB said...

Hi Sandy, your Jimmy just looks so lovely, I would say you are both 'blessed'.

Love the bowls, I'd be happy too - they are beautiful.

Haven't visited for a while, lots of great reading thanks!

go daughters......

Floridacracker said...

It must be the openness factor. I find the same friendliness when boating and in the Jeep ... when the top is off.

Maybe it's a shared approachability.

Loved the buy somebody's meal idea!

Tropical Screamer said...

Hi Sandy.

Isn't it amazing how relaxed cat's get. Tigger is sleeping right now and he looks as though he found the most comfortable spot in the world.

I used to cross the San Mateo Bridge every day for work. I often paid the toll for the car behind me. It's fun to surprise someone. Finally one year someone in front of me paid for my toll. It was so much fun.

Enjoy your ride.


Sue said...

You're having much nice weather than we are! Chilly and rainy here!
I love to play it backward. We often do that at the toll booth for bridges.
Time to start the Christmas decorating!

jellyhead said...

Being a biker sounds like being part of a very large family!

I've heard of the paying it backwards idea, but have never actually done it myself...might just try it out this Christmas season!

PEA said...

With my luck, the car behind me will have ordered for $100!!! lol What a nice idea though and one I will certainly put into effect during Christmas:-) My oldest brother rides a Harley and that's what he says about other bikers, they're all so friendly and willing to chat with everyone. It was actually quite mild here today (for us, anything over 30 right now is mild! lol) and our snow is all gone again. Take care dear Sandy and enjoy this wonderful time of year!!! xox

Rachel said...

Hi Sandy! This sure has been great weather hasn't it? Enjoy it while it's here. So nice that you all enjoy riding and can do it together!

Poor tired Daisy!!

Last time I did the play backwards thing was at the drive thru and there was an older man behind me in a pickup with 2 big dogs with him. At first glance I thought it was 3 people in there but then I realized two were dogs. I paid for his order. It felt real good!!

Great post Sandy!! Be safe out there riding!! This weather won't last I'm afraid.

Kat said...

What a great idea to pay backwards! I could use some 70 degree weather and a road trip, sounds like fun.

susan said...

You couldn't ask for better weather on this holiday weekend, in the 70s, sunny. Glad you are out enjoying it.

There is a commercial on TV about paying it backwards - a girl at the drive-thru dry cleaners pays for the cute guy in line behind her, along with her phone #!

I looked like Daisy for a couple of days after Thanksgiving, all that standing and cooking, not used to that!

Laura said...

I did that once, paid for the toll for the person behind me. It's actually a lot of fun, and at this time of the year with all the angry drivers, if more people did that, we might have a little less road rage!

Good to hear you had a great weather weekend for riding. Here's to more days like that, as long as is humanely possible!

Wystful1 said...

Oh sounds like a terrific idea...going biking!! I'm assuming it's motorcycle! Anyway, sounds like a good time for sure. And seeing the fantastic scenery around you is a blessing.

Kitty seems like she has a good idea to rest up for the bigger holiday comin' round the corner.

AND!! I love the idea about paying for the car behind you at a drive thru clever and soooooo giving!!

Thanks for the visit. Have a great week.

Tammy said...

You make biking sound like so much fun...too bad I would be a fraidy cat...hehe!!
Have a wonderful rest!!

Anonymous said...

Pass it backward, good ideal.Glad your out riding.It's perfect weather,just don't get caught out late,burr.