Friday, March 16, 2007

How we spent Tuesday

Kyra and Dylan came over at 9:30 a.m. along with their grandma Sandie. This is Kyra and she is now 7 weeks old and is a very good baby just as Dylan was.It's not easy getting a picture of Dylan because he is always on the run. Here we tried to get him to slow down long enough to pose with his baby sister.
Is this an ostridge or is it Dylan?
An attempted escape foiled by his grandma Sandie as she tries to put Dylan in his car seat and head for home.
The day was beautiful and 85ยบ so guess what we did? Yep...we got on our bikes and went for a ride.
Below is the only thing green that we saw.
The Rockcastle River below is green, but not a leaf on a tree yet, but I know that they will be budding very soon.
The sky looks so pretty in this picture and I love taking pictures of hay fields and landscapes.
Once Jimmy & I got back into town, we ran across Sharon riding her new bike. She took off work because it was just too pretty to can do that when you're self employed. hehehe
Here are our three bikes together. We're planning on a weekend getaway soon with our family and then there will be seven bikes lined in a row...Of course everyone will be carrying a rider except for Brian...he will have two riders...Reva behind him and Brandon in the sidecar. The trip will have to be on a weekend because some people do have to work.
A warm & special hug...
I like it that all of our family is not afraid to show affection even in public places.
While out on our ride, we also ran across Sharon's husband Scott on his lunch break. He was also riding his new bike and Jimmy didn't recognize him on it. We are so used to seeing Scott on a black bike and now he has a beautiful new red one.
This whole week we have had great weather, but yesterday it started turning colder and today it is rainy. We have to blame Jimmy for our weather because he wished for it....Yes, he did!!! He hates watching the NCAA Basketball Tournament when the weather outside is beautiful and sunny...but he won't give up his basketball for anything...even hot weather.


Tammy said...

I recognize that cat cube he had his head in...lmbo!!
He looks like a handful as most boys are!!
The baby is precious...
as always ya'll be careful and have safe travels on those bikes!

Tomas Dennis said...

Wow those are great photos and someday I may learn to ride a bike because it is getting to expensive to drive for us poor folk.

Rachel said...

So Jimmy is to blame for this cold snap huh?? Tell him to knock it off!!

Great pictures. I'm glad you got out. It was sure pretty enough to be out riding!!

That baby is growing and so cute!!

Susie said...

Was this your little rock thrower?
He looks like he's filled with little boyness!!
The baby is growing and so adorable.
Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the nice weather. It's totally gorgeous here!!

Anonymous said...

The new baby is so cute, great pictures. Reminded me of Zac and Megan when they were little. What a blessing.
Counting the days until our weekend over nighter. We will have to get a place with a pool for Brandon and T.

We don't even have to go very far to have a blast with that many bikes.As long as we are together.

Kerri said...

It looks like a fun day! Lucky you to have such warm temps. We did too at the beginning of the week, but not as warm as you.
Little Dylan looks like a bundle of fun and little Kyra is adorable.
Love those pics of Sharon and Jimmy :)
I do hope your plum blossums didn't freeze. Winter is back up here too!

jellyhead said...

Thanks for the photo update (Kyra is seven weeks old ALREADY?!) and for your news. Glad you got out for a ride, and enjoyed the scenery with family.

Hope your weekend is going well!

Alipurr said...

what a cute baby! so pretty
all those pics are really good, you guys look like you are having lots of fun!