Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sleep Study it is today!!! It's not as warm this time of the morning as it was yesterday, but the feeling of Spring is in the air. There's not a cloud in the sky and all the cats are spending another day outside, where they belong...but of course Callie has to come in occasionally to feed her kittens.
Tonight I'll be spending a night away from home. I'll be driving myself to the sleep clinic for a sleep study although I sometimes question the necessity of it...but I do have faith in my doctor and she must know what she's doing or looking for...after all, she is the doctor and I am not.
I don't have any problems sleeping...I just mentioned to her that I was having bouts of shortness of breath and she asked me if I snored and how many times I woke up at night. I din't think I snored THAT BAD, but if you ask Jimmy...that's a different story. He has trouble listening to the tv (while in bed), because of my so-called loud snoring. He says I don't stop snoring no matter what he does to me and I think HE is the reason I wake up so many times a night...he wakes me to stop the snoring. It's a vicious circle.
I personally think that the shortness of breath is from weight gain and lack of exercise during the winter months But I'll go have the sleep study, so my doctor can tell me that there is nothing wrong with my sleeping and recommend that I lose some weight and get out and exercise a bit. You've all seen my fat neck...who wouldn't snore with jowls like that?
I really must have cabin fever, because I'm looking forward to this new experience of being hooked up to oodles of wires and electrodes. Everyone I've talked to says that you can't get comfortable enough to sleep with all those wires attached to you. And how about getting up to use the bathroom? By the time you disconnect all those wires, you'll pee on yourself and if you do make it to the bathroom, you won't be able to go back to sleep after taking all that time to reconnect yourself back up. Well, I'm going to prove them wrong...I know I can sleep under any circumstances...So what's a few wires anyway. I normally toss & turn all night long and I will probably be tied in a knot by the time morning arrives. And won't they have fun untangling all that mess, while I pee on myself and possibly get the shock of my life.
I better take extra underware.


Tomas Dennis said...

Take care of yourself. Love ya.

Rachel said...

Oh dear!! My brother had this done and if he can do it anyone can, believe me!! They said he lost his breath...I foget how much, but it was unbelievably a LOT!! He wore a mask at night for awhile but that was a royal pain for him!

Good luck tonight and I hope you don't pee (or worse) your pants!! Let us know how it goes!!

Tammy said...

I went for a sleep study once...long story short...I told them to take all that mess off of me I was going way was I sleeping with that machine blowing air into my mouth all night...felt like riding in the back of a truck with the wind full in your are you suppossed to sleep like that???????

Val said...

Oh dear! I am anxious to see how your "sleepover" went. Does not sound like fun! And what Tammy was talking about - no way!

Cheyenne said...

I absolutely loved the part about being tied in a knot, peeing on yourself, and getting the shock of your life. That's some pretty funny stuff there.
Hope you took extras undies and I also hope that everything works out OK.

jellyhead said...

Hi Sandy! Hope you managed to sleep amidst the wires, and that you get the all clear on your sleep study.

doubleknot said...

I am the same as you - I snore something terrible - everyone tells me and sometimes believe it or not I wake myself up! I have planned on asking my plumanary doctor about my snoring when I see him next month - they have a sleep clinic too.
Your post was very funny and let me see what I am in for if I have to sleep in the clinic.

Merle said...

Hi Sandy ~~ Thanks for the jokes. I posted them tonight. I do hope the sleep test went OK and they can help you. We all kow we should lose weight and exercise, but that isn't easy. Hope it works out well for you, and Jimmy!! Love you daffodilla.
Take care, LOve, Merle.
Please say Hi to Sharon for me.

Lee-ann said...

Hello again it is so nice to visit and I love the daffodils in the photo they look like king alfreds to me.

I hope that your sleep test went well for you I am sure you probably didn't sleep much there and are having some catchup sleep today at home.

Nice to be here visiting again.
best wishes Lee-ann

PEA said...

Sandy, only you would make this event sound funny! LOL I've never been to a sleep study but of course I've heard of them...if it was me, I wouldn't be able to fall asleep with all that going on around me!! I do hope it goes well for you! xox

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
One of my dearest friends went for that test, and now she sleeps with a breathing mask on. Only you could make jokes about a test like that! I think I'd have to agree with Tammy and tell them "no way"
Good luck!!

Kerri said...

You could do a stand-up routine with this one. Actually, you just did :) I love the way you see the "silly" side of every day life Sandy. Laughter is the best medicine. Therefore you should be healthy as a horse! (where do these sayings come from???)
There's no way I'd be able to sleep either. Hope you did and that the results are helpful in finding out what's going on.