Saturday, March 03, 2007

A typical morning at our house

After the 'meow alarm clock' goes off at 5:00 a.m., it's breakfast time and here they are waiting for their yummy breakfast.
Hopalong climbs onto the top of the couch cushion to nap, after breakfast, until it's daylight out. If it's cold out she'll remain there most of the day, but if it's warm she prefers to be out doors.
Daisy takes this opportunity to read the morning paper.

Daisy really gets into reading the paper as Jybow looks impatiently on...Jybow wants to play and has given Daisy ample time to finish her reading.

"Get away! I'm not finished with with this section of the paper yet."

"Let's play."

"Let's make a tent and I'll hide and jump out at you."

"You collapsed my house!"

"Daisy...Did you see Doug & Tabitha's wedding announcement under here, on this page?"
"Yes, Jybow...And don't put your claw marks on it either because Sandy wants to cut it out and save it."

"I'm tired...Wake me when lunch is ready."


PEA said...

Lol that is just too cute!! Your comments fit the pictures perfectly and you'd swear that's what they were saying or thinking! hehe Ah, to be a cat in my next life:-) xox

Angie said...

Adorable!! Just absolutely adorable!! LOL

Susie said...

They are such good companions for each other aren't they! Vincent isn't nearly that playful, but certainly has the sleeping and eating down pat!

Rachel said...

I thought that looked like the Lexington Herald Leader but I'm not sure.

I can see Jimmy's legs so he's lucky they don't try to climb up his jeans!!

They are having a ball. Hopalong looks like Munchie! They are all so cute!!

Tammy said...

kitties are so much fun!!

Granny said...

Cats are wonderful.

Our oldest kitty goes out the front door, immediately in the back, out the front, in the back. She'd keep it up all day if we'd let her. There's something about seeing us in front of a door that triggers her.

Gary said...

Are you sure she is reading. Maybe she's just looking at the pictures. :)

Val said...

So cute! It almost makes me stop getting irritated with our two cats who have ruled what goes on in the laundry for 10 years.

Cheyenne said...

Thanks for brightening my evening. Cats are the neatest thing and I am enjoying my kittens to the fullest. They are such a joy to have.

judypatooote said...

You got some cute pictures, and some cute's fun to catch them in action.....and they must be pretty smart, reading the paper and all.....LOL

Sonia said...

What a lovely photos! Just cute!

Today I made a funny post about cats, if you have the time, come to see it.

LZ Blogger said...

Sandy ~ I had no idea the cats were such NEWS HOUNDS! ~ jb///

Kerri said...

Can Jybow come over and play? Jasmine loves to play with papers that we spread by the back door to soak up the snow, etc. that we walk in. She loves to hide underneath and has great fun ripping them up. She sure would love a playmate :)
These pictures and captions are so much fun. Thanks for sharing your kitties Sandy :)

HORIZON said...

lol- on your morning routine Sandy. l just hope you got to read the paper first :)