Sunday, April 08, 2007

Cucoo's Easter Basket

"Where are my Peeps? I know they were in my Easter basket...I saw them here earlier."
"Who's got my Peeps...they're my favorite besides the chocolate bunnies!!!" Who ever took them I want them back! I was planning on sharing them with all of you. Now will someone tell me where my little yellow Peeps are?
Happy Easter


"Early Bird" said...

lol...I love your Easter Post...I bet that kitty climbs the curtains after the sugar!!!
Happy Easter to you and yours!!!

Rachel said...

Oops!! Looks like the peeps have been taken over by the cat!! Or cats!! LOL

I'm surprised they would eat peeps!! Sugar rush indeed!!

Susie said...

Vincent is so picky he would never touch the candy (or much else that wasn't cat food)
I'm really surprised that they like the sugar...
Happy Easter Sandy

Naturegirl said...

Adorable post! I bought some peeps for my grandchildren! Happy Easter!

Kerri said...

Oh boy, Hopalong better hop right out of there 'cause he's in trouble! I hope Cucoo isn't a violent bird :)
I hope you and Jimmy had a wonderful Easter despite the frigid weather.
Thanks for the chuckle Sandy. It's good to see Cucoo again :)
Ross and I have been eating yellow peeps too :)

Val said...

Wow, did that bring back the memories of MANY years ago. I didn't even know their name (Peeps), but used to love finding them in my Easter basket - and they're kinda yummy too!