Thursday, April 05, 2007

What happened???

What happened to my wonderful 85ºF of yesterday and the day before??? It got so cold last night that I turned my electric blanket on and this morning the heat is also back on in this cold house. I write this as I shiver.....brrrrrrrr.
Yesterday I made friends with the cows on the other side of our creek. Jimmy tells me repeatedly that they are "steers" and I'm going to put a gag in his mouth....I know, but I always call them cows anyway. If you look in a children's book it always says, "What does a cow say?" and the answer is "Moooo." It never asks, what do steers say? I didn't grow up on a farm, so I can call them cows if I want.
Of course we all know that if a cow has big long horns, then it is a bull.

I grew up being afraid of cows. My first recollection of a cow was when my grandfather took me to his friends farm where he had many farm animals. I was standing, hugging onto my grandfather's leg when something touched the top of my head from the other side of the fence...I looked straight up and was startled by a HUGE head with great big lips, nostrils and eyes. After that experience, I never got close to a fence again that contained cows until after I was married.
I've been around them for years now, but I still don't get close enough to touch them although I now know that when I approach they aren't after me, but think that I'm going to feed them....and that's why they run towards me.

Well, I gotta go....I have a big day ahead of me and for those of you who have a little warm sunshine to spare, send some over here....I'm cold.


Peter said...

Hi Sandy, lucky that cow that you remember as a child didn't lick you, that rough tongue would have really scared you.
Happy Easter.

PEA said...

Hey share that electric blanket with me, it's snowing here! Sandy, I'm scared of cows too! lol One time I came to hold out my hand to a calf and he just about sucked in my whole hand in his mouth...YUCK, can you say slobber? As for grown cows, I don't get close to them, I swear they plan on eating me!!! Make sure you read my post today! hehe xoxo

Carmen said...

Congratulations on your award and I admired you after learning so much from you with Carole from peas corner.

Cheyenne said...

No sunshine here ~ we just had snow showers and the temperature is below freezing. Two days ago we enjoyed temps in the 80's.

jellyhead said...

Yes, Sandy, I share your wariness of cows - though I've gotten better since Mum acquired a herd of them and moved onto a farm almost 20 years ago!

They *do* chase, sometimes, which is very unnerving!!

I'm sending you some of our balmy it there yet?

Happy Easter, Sandy :)

"Early Bird" said...

Me too...I think it is a dang cruel trick!!
My daffodils are hangin their sad!!
I'm scared of cows and chickens...always have been and horses since one nearly threw my sister into a well!!

Rachel said...

I'm cold too!! That wonderful weather sure did spoil me. It's either put the electric blanket back on the bed or get an extra quilt tonight. (Ha! Maybe both!!)

I like cows. I did have one get after me when I was a kid. It had a calf and thought I was a predator I guess. I ran behind a tree and then my Dad intervened and got the cow back in the barn. I didn't take it personally since it was trying to protect it's baby!! I didn't get that close to the baby but my Dad said sometimes mother cows are like that. But I think that's not the norm, as that's the only one I ever saw like that and I've been around plenty since with babies and they were fine. Maybe that cow was ticked off that day?? Anyway, it's the bulls that I was always watchful of and tried to stay away from!!

Keep warm!!!

Susie said...

Sending you some of our sunshine right now.
I don't mind cows. The area behind us was all pasture land and I loved watching them from my kitchen window.
No more cows now :(
Congratulations on your Thinking Blogger Award! Very richly deserved!

Val said...

Lovely photo of the frost.

Cows are large animals, and I can sympathise with your wariness. Years ago when we bought our bush block, we camped out one weekend before the previous owners removed their 4 cows. They were used to people bringing hay for them, so they were a bit too friendly for our liking. Blowing the car horn scared off all but one, it just didn't want to move off, so we rigged up a barricade using the car, ropes and some trees. Later we learned that that cow was deaf, so no wonder it didn't move! We felt kind of silly.

Granny said...

Susie and I are hogging the sunshine. Never fear though; it's supposed to turn chilly and rainy for Easter Sunday.

At least it is here; Sue isn't too far away but we don't always share the same weather.

No fear of cows - we had them around when I was a girl but I always was a little wary.

Midlife Mom said...

Hey thanks for stopping by via Kerri's blog! Yes we have a tone of snow but at least the sun is out today and it is melting a bit. We used to have cows at my Grampy's farm and I loved watching him milk them and squirt milk into the barn cats mouths! They would stand right up on their hind legs waiting for him to give them the milk. I love your site and your other one too. I have three rescue kitties and just love them. Stop by again soon!

Hootin'Anni said...

Ohhhhhhhh, I get that same thing from hubby ---cows vs. steers, all the time. I always retort by "Who cares". rofl

And I like your concept about the "What do cows say"? ---Moooooo....but me, being who I am would say "What do steers say?"----And my answer would be "Charge"!!! ---That'd shut hubby up for sure, 'cause he would get the gist of charge and my little plastic card and shopping!!!

I just read on Pea's blog that you are part of the Thinker Blog ---whatever that is,-------anyway, she said you learned to drive a motorcycle!?!! How cool is that. High five to you.

Kerri said...

Ross had a chuckle about you being scared of cows. Back when we first came to live on this farm (Ross's family's farm) I got kicked hard by a heifer and have been very wary of cow's feet ever since. I never minded being up front feeding them, but I left the rear-end work for hubby :) That was OK. No one milked his cows but him (except Andrew...he was a good helper)!