Friday, June 15, 2007

Sometimes you just have to stay home

Although we've gotten in our fair share of riding in this week, sometimes you just have to stay home in order to do the usual run of the mill chores at home.
Jimmy just traded one ride in for another.
Although we are in drought conditions, our grass has remained mostly green, and slow growing.
Jimmy picks up sticks & dead branches that have fallen from the trees before he starts mowing. Jybow, his trusty companion follows behind. Jybow is now officially an outside cat and spending the nights outside as well. Jimmy still checks on her periodically during the night to make sure she is okay and hoping that perhaps she might want in. So far she has declined his offer and is enjoying the coolness & freedom of the outdoors.
Yesterday, while I was inside answering emails, Jimmy came in my room in a panic....he couldn't find Jybow anywhere and asked if maybe she wasn't in here with me. He searched the whole house, under beds, closets and every nook & cranny the cat could possibly squeeze into....NO CAT! He went back outside and resumed his calling and clapping...Jybow usually comes when she hears Jimmy clap his hands for her. He unlocked buildings thinking he might have locked her in one...Still no cat. He searched everywhere as I continued with my emails. I know what you're thinking...why didn't I help him search for Jybow. Because I knew that this was the cats usual naptime and that Jybow was under the building and if Jimmy was paying attention he would have noticed that none of the other cats were paying any attention to his calls either. Jimmy just wouldn't believe me that Jybow was safely sleeping under the large building and not in any danger.
An hour or two passed and finally Jybow made her appearance out from under the building....It was time for celebration as Jimmy exclaimed, "Honey! Honey...Jybow came out from under the building! She's okay!" This is where I keep my mouth shut and don't say, I told you so! and just celebrate with him.
This is all I want to drink on these hot summer days. It's called a "George" and Suzanne makes them. They're made with equal parts of Sprite, orange juice, and a dab of marachino cherry juice & topped with a cherry. They're delicious. This picture was sent to me by Sharon taking a lunch break at her sister Suzanne's house. Suzanne made her a "George." And yes, they're called "George" because a guy named George who worked in our local drugstore used to make these at the fountain for the customers years ago and the name just stuck. George really got around in this town because at other establishments we have "George Burgers."

This is what I mostly eat in the hot summer months. I mostly drink water and eat fresh fruit. I also love watermelon and figs, but figs are something that I NEVER get to see here in Kentucky. We grow concord grapes, red raspberries and some blackberries and have a fruit orchard that hasn't begin to really fruit yet...but there's hope. Jimmy on the other hand loves cantaloupe, but is a meat eater...I go more for fuits and veggies.

I finally gave up my old dinosaur of a cell phone and got this cute little picture phone. The phone is so slim that I got a flip-phone case to protect it from falls. I got it in red to match my bike, hehehe. I really love it and in the 3 days that I have had it, I have discharged it completely 3 times taking and sending so many pictures. I think I am finally over it's newness and I'm going back to my digital camera for picture taking although I will still accept picture messages on my new phone...I just won't be using it as my primary picture taking device, as I have in the last 3 days. It takes very nice clear 2 megapixel pictures and it also takes videos and has a teensy tiny little memory card slot for extra memory storage so that you can use it as an i*pod too with a wireless headset. I don't think I'll be using my phone to listen to music with, but I will buy an extra memory card to store pictures on.
This week we have been babysitting pets...many pets. Brian, Reva & Brandon are at Boy Scout camp for a week and we have been going out daily to feed, water & play with their cats, kittens and Rusty their dog. Today is their last day at camp and Jimmy & I are joining them for supper and a special celebration for Brandon. We were planning on joining them for supper at the camp and then a few minutes ago Brian called from camp to tell us that Brandon was being honored at camp tonight and being inducted into an honor society called the, "Order of the Arrow." Brian was so excited about it, and so proud of Brandon and wanted to make sure that we would not miss it...And of course, we wouldn't think of not being there.

Our granddaughter Megan has this cushy babysitting job that everyone dreams of. She gets to travel with the family she sits for and at this moment is in sunny Santa Monica, California on a family vacation. Do you hear that Brian! I'm taking care of your pets and I'm still here at home...I need to be taken to Hawaii. Megan is probably still sleeping and later will be off to the beach to get a glimpse and to play in the Pacific Ocean. She'll make sand castles with the children and collect handfulls of sea shells and if she's lucky she'll get to see some seals or sea lions basking on the beach.
I don't know whose zebra that is in the picture above, but I was told she was babysitting at the time the picture was taken and the zebra looks like it's in a horse farm. Perhaps it belongs to the people she babysits for...or perhaps she was just on another family outting at work. Megan has loved zebras and anything related to zebras for as long as I can remember. Her bedroom is all done in zebra stripes and every accessory you can possibly find in zebra stripes is in her bedroom.
The title of my post was, "Sometimes you just have to stay home," but not Megan...She may just turn out to be our little World Traveler.


JunieRose2005 said...

Well, now, that sounds like some kinda job your granddaughter has!! :)
Oh! And I enjoyed all your pictures and reading about what you've all been up to lately!


"Early Bird" said...

The other night at bedtime Clarence went missing...turns out I had locked him in the mudroom..teehee!
That George drink looks and sounds Nummy!
I'll be calling ya on your home phone or that there fancy smanci cell phone next Wed evening to see if we can meet Thursday, that is our day to treck home and I want to stop over and visit with ya!
(Maybe you could make me a George *wink*wink)

Granny said...

Congratulations to the Boy Scout!!

Wish I could be hanging out with you and early bird next week. Have a great time.

Tomas Dennis said...

I just sent you, Kitten Yarn and Motherkitty a message from AUNT VIRGINIA via email.
I love folks that have cushy jobs like taking care of Zebras in sunny California.
I was out of sorts with a head cold these last two days. It must have been all the dust, at least that is what I think it was. I am better today. Take care

Rachel said...

A visit from Early Bird!! Oh wow!!!

Yippee for the Boy Scout!! He's doing great!

George sounds great too! Very refreshing on these hot days.

If you read my latest post you see that Munchie came home after 6 days of MIA! I'm so glad she came home!! I know how Jimmy feels about Jybow (his baby!!). Honestly I didn't think I'd ever see Munchie again!! What a shock, but a nice shock!!

I've been thinking about you today. I may have to give you a call sometime. Neat little phone you have there and how smart you are to know how to use it!! I never can figure those darn things out! Just receive and send. That's all I know!

Megan has the right idea for a job!!!

Val said...

I'll have to remember to make a George drink when summer returns. It looks delicious!