Monday, July 09, 2007

Blogging Blues

Summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime
summertime la la
I'm so busy
my head is turning
like a whirlpool
it never stops.

Busy Busy where do I begin? Do you ever get involved in so many things that it's impossible to find time to blog? Well that's the way things have been for me until yesterday when I was FORCED to stop, by my own body after eating my favorite sub at a local restaurant. I've eaten their subs before, but this time it was different. About a half hour after eating it, I clearly knew that something was wrong, and the something that was wrong was resting in my stomach. I laid down for a bit to help ease the pain in my stomach and also the pounding headache that had also developed. I must have dozed a bit and when I woke up I was burning up, so I went and got me a cold washcloth to drape across my forehead, face & neck.

The washcloth worked for a while, just making me feel better, but not doing much for the pain in my side. I couldn't find a comfortable position to be in and the more I moved the sicker I became until I was finally positioned in front of my toilet seat. Of course you know what came next, so I won't go into any details.

I was still cold, so I put on a hooded sweatshirt and went over to the fridge and got me a bottle of water to drink. I decided that it was too cold in this 75 degree house and went to sit outside. It was nice outside and felt really good. So there I the yard...with my hooded the 90+ degree heat. I stayed out there for about an hour talking to Jimmy as we listened to some old time Sunday gospel music. I usually don't listen to that twangy, bluegrass type of music as it gets on my nerves, but Jimmy had it playing really low and his presence was very soothing to me.

I went back in the house and was about asleep again when Suzanne came to visit and she clearly stated, "Mom, you look sick." By now the pain was down in my intestines, so I felt whatever part of the sandwich was left inside of me, was now on it's way out. Today I'm feeling much better, but still have a slight headache and some abdominal tenderness, but other than that I'm ready to get back on the fast track again.

Besides visiting family and doing a lot of motorcycle riding we had a wonderful July 4th cookout with the family. Peanut & Laura hosted the cookout at their house once again and for that I thank them. They have a beautiful big house that can easily fit the whole family inside & out on nice sunny days as well as rainy days. They have a HUGE covered wide porch that spans the whole length of their home with a beautiful view of the forest trees and lovely birds that come to visit their many feeders. I could just sit on their porch/deck all day and watch the many different kinds of birds that come to visit them. They even have a family of red tailed? hawks nesting in a nearby tree. Living in the woods has its many advantages when it comes to viewing a diverse set of wildlife.

Getting back to the cookout....
Since July 4th is a very busy holiday, not everyone was able to attend. Some had to work and I just want to say that you workers missed a very nice cookout....and all of us in attendance missed all of you that were not able to be at the cookout too.

Have a nice day and remember to smile a lot.


Tomas Dennis said...

I hope you feel better very soon. I was just writing about the chill I had last night. How strange that is. You post and my body temperature extremes.
Take care and you are right Jimmy does wonders for the soul.
Love Ya.

PEA said...

Goodness, I'm sure glad you're feeling better today...makes you wonder what goes on in your stomach when you eat something that doesn't agree with you! Almost sounds like food poisoning!! I've just caught up with your posts and it sounds like you had a great weekend trip as well as a fun 4th of July:-) xox

Motherkitty said...

I hate to say this, but I know the sandwich you are talking about. And, it was probably the cheese that had been sitting out too long and gathered some bacteria. Or the meat. Or a combination of the two.

I've had food poisoning on several occasions (Applebees) and it's no fun. I guess that's why I'm so picky when I go out to eat these days. If it's not really, really hot or really, really cold, I don't want to eat it because I know what it will do to my gut.

I really hope you are feeling better 'cause you have to get on the road in two weeks!!!

Susie said...

Sounds like a case of food poisoning to me too! Aren't you glad you have so many cyber "doctors" to diagnosis you!!
Glad you're feeling better and maybe you should avoid that sandwich place for a while??

T*mmy said...

Oh Miz Sandy...sounds like you got a bum sandwich...did you let the place know?? I've done that before and called them up and told them in detail how sick I was ;)
No really, they need to didn't eat spinach on it did ya? I'm scared to death of that stuff now unless it comes from a well tended garden!
I love get togethers and am on my way to a family reunion with my sisters this weekend...whoot!!

Val said...

Wow, you really put me to shame. My post yesterday gave a lame excuse for not posting more frequently (I'm busy doing up my craft room). But here you are with a real reason for not posting yet you STILL posted. What a horrid experience. Hope you're now tip top again, Sandy.

Ava said...

I hope that you are feeling better!

doubleknot said...

...and this too shall pass - one way or another our stomach will get rid of what is making it sick.

What a nice sounding cook out you all had. That porch sounds like heaven to me.

Alipurr said...

sorry you were feeling bad, glad you are better

we finally got to see my mom & dad today, cause they came to my house, hurray!

can't wait to see you next time !
love you