Monday, July 23, 2007

I need a hug...

"Anybody home?"

You sure are in a BAD mood today Callie.
You don't need to bite my head off!"

"Jybow....I need a hug.
Callie nearly bit my head off,
for no reason."
"Pay attention to me!
Can't you stop bird watching for just a minute
and give me a hug."

"That's better, but you don't seem very sincere."

"Okay....stop with the slobbering all over me."

Let go...that tickles."

"You're bending my neck..."

"That's much better.
I love you too Jybow."

"Callie...You really gave me quite a scare.
Aren't you sorry?"

Callie says, "I'm really sorry that I gave you such a scare Cucoo,
but you shouldn't have startled me by pecking me on the head
with that big sharp beak of yours."


Motherkitty said...

I hope Cucoo doesn't come and scare any of my kitties this week. They might all gang up on him and lick his nose or something.

PEA said...

LOL I so love it when you do posts on Cucoo! hehe I can see he got more than he bargained for!!! lol Sandy, make sure you read my post from Sunday, there's something there for you! xox

Anonymous said...

How cute! Maybe you should make a childrens book out of these.


T*mmy said...

I've been wondering where Cucoo was this summer...
I was sitting out on the front porch the other day all by myself enjoying a piece of Dr Pepper cake...when this little old man walks up to deliver a sales paper package...he does it every Saturday but I scared me and him too when I jumped and!

Rachel said...

That Cucoo! He's always into mischief! I'm sure he got his hair all wet from the slobber too.

Callie does look very interested in Cucoo!

Val said...

I agree with DayByDay. Printing the photos and captions out would make an instant book, enjoyed by all ages, and not just children.

Kerri said...

I'm always glad to see Cucoo and have a good chuckle. What a bird! both Ross and I loved all your photos and you had us laughing out loud :)
I'd love to see what's going on behind the camera :)
Jybow is a playful cat, isn't she?
Those are cooperative kitties you've got!
Give Cucoo my love!

Ava said...

Glad to see that Cucoo got a hug!!!! And that he survived those sharp teeth!!!

doubleknot said...

Good to see Cucoo again. Nice of Jybow to give him a hug.