Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thanks to all...

I would like to say, "Thank You," to all who wished me a Happy did not go unnoticed and I really appreciated your warm wishes & cards, and they really meant a lot to me.

My brother Dennis and Motherkitty came many miles across the state on Monday to wish me a Happy Birthday and spent a couple of days with us. We had a wonderful time and they were able to go around and visit with the rest of the family too. Below is Dennis, at PapaBear's house, holding his walking stick which PapaBear carved out of hickory wood.

Last Monday was my birthday and when Motherkitty & Dennis arrived they brought this gift for me (picture below). It's a digital picture frame and something that I have always wanted. Thank you, thank you, thank you Motherkitty & Dennis. You'll be glad to know that today I finally was able to load my pictures into it and it is hanging on one of my living room walls above reach of little fingers, but at eye level for all the rest of us to see clearly. It's very easy to load, but it just took me a while to pick the pictures that I wanted it to display.
I have eliminated, or maybe I should say that this gift has eliminated the clutter of picture frames sitting on tables everywhere and Jimmy is so happy because it makes dusting the furniture much easier for us now. Everyone should have one or two of these.
I love watching the ever changing display of pictures on the wall...everytime I look up there is a different picture in the frame. You can also load videos into it, but the slideshow is wonderful. It has many functions that I haven't even begun to explore yet and did you know Dennis that it came with a VERY beautiful slideshow of landscape pictures of it's own?

While here Motherkitty wanted to share a game with us. It's called Mex*ican Tr*ain Domin*oes and she bought me the game at WallyW. The day they left to go home Jimmy & I spent the whole afternoon playing it by ourselves...we lost tract of time, forgot to eat supper and didn't even notice that it had gotten dark outside.

PapaBear & his family gave me three original, one of a kind, PapaBear Bowls and my youngest daughter Suzanne gave me the Wolf Walking Stick that she bought at the Spoonbread Festival...(you have seen it before) was also carved by PapaBear. I admired the walking stick while I was taking pictures of PapaBear Bowls booth, and with my family, you can't admire anything or it's yours. hehehe. So I try not to admire anything too much and if I do, I quickly say that I don't want it, but I thought I was safe here because Suzanne also admired it and later I went back to the booth to buy the Wolf for her, but it was already sold & gone.

Here's a closer look at the Wolf Walking Stick...It's the one with the wolfy-ears and snout, hehehe, next to the Indian. Isn't he cute? I should have also admired that Indian, hehehe. Just kidding.

PapaBear also gave Jimmy a walking stick. I don't know why I didn't take a picture of it to show, but it just slipped my mind until just now. It's a very pretty Indian, much more life-like and it is named "Two Face" because there are supposed to be two faces in one, although I haven't been able to see the second face yet. Suzanne named it so I will just have to get her to point it out to me.

We had a wonderful time between eating out, eating in, visiting and playing dominoes. It's always so enjoyable having family around. We celebrated my birthday for two whole days because some of the grandkids were working and some were gone and couldn't make it until Tuesday. And can you believe this, I forgot to cut the birthday cake until Tuesday. That's not like me at all. hehehe.
All in all I really enjoyed having my family around to help me celebrate my 63rd birthday. Nothing means more to me than having my family & friends around me...and by friends I mean my blog friends too.


Tomas Dennis said...

Happy Birthday Sandy,
Love ya from Western Kentucky

Motherkitty said...

It was a fun time. We so enjoyed the company, the food, the dominoes, and watching the slide show on your new digital picture frame.

Thanks for having us and thanks for the enchiladas.

Kerri said...

Wow, you sure did alright Kiddo! What wonderful gifts. Fancy a digital picture frame. Great idea! Yes, I can see Jimmy being happy about that :)
How nice to have MK and Dennis come for a visit, and all the rest of the family there too.
But how could you forget to cut the birthday cake until Tuesday?? Didn't you blow out candles?
Glad you had such a wonderful celebration Sandy.
Have you had any rain yet?

Rachel said...

Well, it does seem like you had a wonderful birthday!! I had never heard of those digital frames. My goodness, what will they think of next??

Love the walking sticks and bowls!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday! You are way toooo young to have great-grandkids! It looks like you racked up the loot, glad to see you are appreciated!

PEA said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful birthday, dear Sandy, you truly deserved such a special day:-) I had never even heard of those digital picture frames until just the other day when I saw them at the awesome they are!! Your other gifts were also terrific...that walking stick is gorgeous!! xox