Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Still waiting

Although we have had some frosty mornings, our temps still hover around 40ºf at night and our trees are still covered in green leaves. We do have one tree, our ash tree, that has lost all of it's leaves only because they dried up and fell off. Below is our Sycamore tree and look at how green it still is and here it is November 7th. The leaves should have already been gone by now in that windstorm we had a few days ago. I think the last rain rejuvenated the trees. I meant to take a picture of some newly sprouted plants in my flower bed that are a bit mixed up and are emerging out of the ground as if it were springtime. Jimmy found them while he was raking up some dead leaves. Looking up into the Sycamore tree (picture below) I did spot a couple of yellow leaves along with some brown crispy dead ones.
Below is our Maple tree and this is all it did this year. It wasn't as pretty as it usually is and this branch of yellow leaves was all the tree had on it. The rest of the leaves are still green.

This is the only indication we have that it's fall around here....leaves on the ground and if you'll notice the windstorm also blew down some green leaves. We're going from green straight to brown crispy fallen leaves. None of those pretty multicolored leaves to walk through and to rake into high mounds to jump into this year. Well...anyone that knows me, knows that I can't jump anyway. hehehe
And of course, as the leaves pile up, Jimmy is right there to make mulch of them with his shredder. First he blows them into a pile, then reverses his machine to suck them up into the spinning shredder blades and into the bag. It's a pretty nifty little machine and when the bag is full he dumps them into the empty garden or out back for the animals to hide in for the winter.
Click on this picture to enlarge and you'll see in the upper right side that a waterlily is still blooming. By this time of year the water plants should have all died down and should be resting in the bottom of the pool waiting for springtime of 2008 to arrive.
Not much color here.
Since the fall colors weren't happening at or near our house, we went out in search of some color. We traveled north before we saw some really beautiful fall colors in Paris, Kentucky on a small narrow little curvy road that was lined in white fences and large horse barns. I wish I could have taken some pictures, but we would have had to park in someone's private driveways to get any and I don't like to do that without permission. So the next day we went south.
Now here we are south of us and the mountain behind that building is full of color and I'm sure if we went back there today it would be even more beautiful.
Isn't this Maple gorgeous?
Our yellow mum, which was a gift from Rachel is doing we do have some fall color in our yard besides the one branch on the Maple tree and the 3 leaves on the Sycamore. I'm not complaining though because I do love having the leaves on the trees for a longer length of time. This just means that our fall will come at a later time and it's looking like it will arrive a month later than usual this year...for some trees.

Yesterday was a day of running around, so today I will cozy up to the warm fire, drink some hot chocolate, maybe some hot tea flavored with orange rind and sweet spices, Mmmm that sounds really good and hunt for a good movie to watch.


Granny Annie said...

Hi Sandy. I drifted over from Jamie Dawn's blog. We have just returned from SC and traveled through Kentucky both ways. We stayed with friends in Eddyville on the way. The leaves were beginning to turn but ever so slightly. On the way back, we were blanketed by colorful trees. I took a million pictures. Oh so beautiful! Speaking of beautiful, your granddaughter is! Brag away. I'm eager to get acquainted with your blog.

LZ Blogger said...

Sandy ~ We've already lost most of our leaves around our place. But we've also had temps in the 30's too. ~ jb///

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
We still have lots of leaves on our tree, and Bill has one of those mulcher things quite similar to yours.
We can't seem to stay two jumps ahead of all of the leaves falling!
It's still really nice here during the days but a bit cool in the morning and evening.

T*mmy said...

I've been through Paris lots of times...I was born in Murray ;)

We saw the Dance Barn on our way back from the Mountains this past summer.

My mums are so dead the wind keeps blowing them out of their!

Have a great day!

Paige said...

We are having a sort of fall. Been in the 50 at night and not quite 80 in the day. Of course our tree's leaves always just turn brown and drop off; a sweetgum trees will turn a ittle bit red or yellow before they drop leaves. I have only seen one very very small gaggle of geese, couldn't have been more then 10 birds. Wander where they are?

Rachel said...

It seems like the colors are good in some places and not in others. I saw some really pretty stuff yesterday on my drive down there!

Sure did enjoy our visit and made it home just fine!! It was so nice to just sit and talk with you and Jimmy!!

Jamie Dawn said...

Oh, I just saw that Granny Annie left a comment here. I am so glad. I hope you get to know her.

We've had beautiful fall colors this year, but not as brilliant as last year's fall was. We've only lived in AR for two years now, so I don't have much to compare it to. In CA, we did not have the dramatic change of seasons like we have here. I LOVE the fall!!!!

I took some pics over the weekend and I will probably post them mid week.
The mum from Rachel looks bright and cheery!!