Saturday, February 09, 2008

What I've been doing

I'm really proud of myself, if I don't say so myself. I completed the two crocheted baby blankets I set out to get done before the big day in July 2008. I made them exactly the same except that one is white and the other is a beautiful yellow...and of course I have to show off my work here.It was really a lot of fun working on these and I really fell in love with the Shell's the only stitch that I know at the moment. Jimmy really enjoyed my company as we watched the ball games together while I crocheted. I'm usually on the computer during ball games, so that was a very big change for him...having my almost full attention during games. Of course being an amateur at crocheting, I mostly listened to him and to the announcers as the games were played, but Jimmy didn't care just as long as I was there in his presence enjoying the ball game together. Since Jimmy had never seen me crochet before, he was quite amazed at the beautiful stitching and he loves the blankets and thinks they're quite beautiful. He also thinks I'm very talented and I'm not going to tell him any different. :)
I know, I know....I seem to be bragging a lot, but I am!!! As I said above, I'm very proud of myself...can you see me patting myself on the back? I only hope that as much love as I put into these two blankets that they'll be used and not just stored away some where in a drawer, never to be used. I guess time will tell.
This is the BIG baby that I used to measure the sizes of my blankets. This monkey is so long that I knew that if I could wrap the monkey in the blanket, that the blanket was large enough for a newborn and even a toddler.
Just as soon as I finished crocheting the white blanket, I started on the yellow one. I looked in my little magic book of stitches and first tried making this blanket using an open "V" stitch, but it looked awful so I pulled the stitching back out. The open "V" stitch must be used for clothing or some thing...the baby would surely have gotten its little hands or feet caught up in all the big holes of that stitch. So knowing that I loved the look of the white blanket, I made the yellow one using the same stitch.
Here are my two finished official baby blankies. Aren't they pretty?

WARNING WARNING...Do not try this at home, heheheh I always wanted to say that!
I must warn you...Making these does involve some injury to the novice. Midway into the white blanket the side of my right index finger got VERY sore that I had to take a day off from the crochet hook...a sick day. The next day I needed the cushioning of a band-aide on my finger which did help quite a bit to control the pain. Needless to say, the yellow blanket took much longer to finish.

Today there is another basketball game that Jimmy wants me to watch with him, so I will be thumbing through my little crochet book during the game to see if I can learn another stitch for more blankets. I bought WAY TO MUCH yarn for each blanket and the only thing I can make at the moment are squares & rectangles and that's why I make baby blankets.
I also will be betting with Jimmy on the games out-come today. When we watched the Super Bowl I bet him that, if the NY Giants won that he would have to take me to Applebee's to eat, and if the New England Patriots won, then he would have to take me to Red Lobster. Needless to team won.

Jimmy always lets me win when it's not important...he's so sweet.


PEA said...

Oh wow, Sandy, I'm VERY impressed!! What a fabulous job you did on those baby blankets, they're gorgeous! That's one thing I've never been able to do...crochet or knit. I tried when I was younger and it just wasn't my thing. lol One thing I use to enjoy was hooking...not THAT kind of hooking! Sheesh! I had hooked a couple of wall hangings and had them for years. Would get such strange looks, though, whenever someone asked me what I enjoyed doing and I would say "hooking"...hehe!! xoxo

jellyhead said...

You have every right to be proud, Sandy - those blankets are lovely, and will be much treasured I'm sure.

Tomas Dennis said...

I love the blankets they are beautiful. Mom will use the blanket because they will last forever - because of the way yarn is made today. It will not decay like the older fabrics of years past.
Love ya
take care

LZ Blogger said...

Sandy ~ More very pretty hand work here. Also a nice Super Bowl pick! ~ jb///

Kerri said...

Sandy, you've done a beautiful job with those blankets and deserve to pat yourself on the back :) They certainly don't look like beginner's work.
That little camera phone takes great pics! Of course, the creative layouts helps to make such lovely pics too. You're very clever!!
That Superbowl bet was definitely a win-win situation for you :)

Tim Rice said...

Great job on those baby blankets! And the monkey reminded me of one I had when I was a kid. Hope you are doing well.

Rachel said...

You did great Sandy! I have crocheted a lot over the years and never got a sore finger though! They are both very lovely and I'm sure they'll be much appreciated! You could easily do a ripple afghan. That stitch is just double crochets and very easy and they are very pretty too.

So glad you are enjoying Jimmy's company during his ball games and he is enjoying yours! I like how you win no matter who won the games!!! Ha!Ha!

Susan said...

Love the beautiful crocheting! It is addictive, isn't it? You did a great job, the babies and their moms will cherish these forever.