Monday, July 28, 2008

Family Reunion

We had a "Ball" Sunday at our Annual Family Reunion....even the Daddy Longs Legs gathered for the festivities of the day. Our table was the host to two large bunches of these long legged at each end of the table beneath and hidden from view of most guests there. Nobody dared bother them for fear of causing a stampede and they didn't seem to be bothered by our presence either.

Seated below, on the right side of the table, Doug, Reva & Brian
and on the left is Scott, Sharon & Megan.

Here is Erica, Valerie & Jimmy


Dylan hanging from the monkey bars,
and Makayla on the ground

Doug, Reva & Brian

Sandie and Kyra

Dan the auctioneer
auctioning off a carved walking stick that was
carved by Brian

Odie's grandson won the bid
and walked away with Brian's walking stick

The old folks
(but please don't tell Jimmy I said that)

Tuffy won the bid and walked away with an
heirloom dress that belonged
to Mom Ball many, many years ago

The reunion is held the last Sunday in July every year and as in most reunions everyone cooks up their favorite dishes and we have a feast fit for a king. Instead of collecting donations to fund next years reunion, some smart person came up with an idea to have an auction of donated items. The items that are donated must be family heirlooms, special pictures & photographs of family members sometimes framed and sometimes not, handmade articles like wooden benches, foot stools or carved items like Brian's walking stick, and even on some occasions special jams & jellies or pickles. This year Rick made & donated about 5 booklets which included the Family Crest with a brief history of the beginnings of the family along with pictures...Jimmy got one of them. It was a novel idea. This is about the 3rd or 4th year of the auction and it has been quite a success. Those not participating in the auction can still donate money and some do.

The auction is fun and a simple way to collect the needed funds for the rental of the property used each year and items like paper plates and all the extras needed to make this event a success. Our thanks go to those behind the scenes who are in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly....especially with this bunch, hehehe.


PEA said...

Wow, I've never seen so many Daddy Long Legs in one spot...wonder if they're so tangled up together, they can't get apart! hehe I would have had a fit, though, I hate spiders, any kind! lol

Sounds like a wonderful family reunion and I so enjoyed seeing all those happy faces. What a terrific idea to hold an auction, I love it! I would have wanted to bid on everything. lol xoxo

Rachel said...

Great seeing your reunion pictures Sandy. The auction sounds like a great and fun idea!!

I think the Daddy Long Legs were having their own reunion under the table!

Anonymous said...

oh there we are. Surprised you didn't just sneak last years pictures in there.he he and I'm hungry too.I forgot Megan went.