Monday, August 11, 2008

Blooming at this moment in time

These aren't all the flowers that are currently blooming, but I just wanted to show you a few of the more spectacular show-offs in the yard at the moment.
I'm getting ready to take another break from blogging for a few days and concentrate on doing a little riding. I hope it won't be too hot out there in the sun, and maybe I'll be blessed with a little cloud cover and some nice shady roads to keep me cool. By the end of the week I'll be heading to the pool and a nice visit with relatives....I might even get to finally meet the newest member of my family.

I'll end by asking everyone to say a little prayer for Reva who will be having another heart catherization on Friday to put the second stint into a clogged artery near her heart. She suffered a heart attack two weeks ago and had a stint put in at that time and is doing very well...
but of course she'll be much better after this next procedure.

Also pray for Fuzzy the old blind & deaf tomcat who was caught by surprise and attacked by 3 of the neighbors dogs in our yard while he slept. He was saved from the dogs by Jimmy who ran to his aid, but Fuzzy has now gone into hiding and we can't find him. Also pray that we don't shoot the neighbors. And the reason I say that, is not because we plan on shooting anyone...we're just frustrated, because these dogs have already killed another one of our cats and also a young calf in the field behind our house. The people who own the dogs came out to see what their dogs were attacking only to find Jimmy chasing them out of the yard and lifting Fuzzy to safety, so they know what their dogs are capable of. Did we get an apology....NO! Only a veiled promise to put their dogs up by morning. Today the dogs are still running loose and we have a new promise of tomorrow morning. We don't want to make our neighbors mad, but we also don't want anymore of our cats being tormented or hurt in their own yard.


Jellyhead said...

Your garden is looking so bright and cheery Sandy.

I hope everything goes smoothly for Reva on Friday. It must have been a real shock and upset for the whole family when she had her heart attack. I'll be thinking of her and of you all.

Hope Fuzzy is OK too, and just laying low, healing.

XO Jelly

Rachel said...

Your flowers are absolutely beautiful! I hated to hear about Fuzzy. Poor thing. I hope those people will start keeping their dogs up, but it doesn't sound like that's likely to happen.

That is one fancy-smancy toolbox!!

It's amazing how the apple trees are loaded this year. A friend of mine has several trees and I don't know how they are standing with all the apples that are on them!

I hope Jybow does well while you are gone. Poor Jimmy will have to have those daily reports from your daughter I'm sure. I know how he feels. It's hard to leave our pets. Little Jybows!! How cute!!

Kerri said...

Sandy, your Rose of Sharons are gorgeous! I wish mine was as pretty. It's really disappointing because the flowers are small, and they go brown. It hasn't bloomed yet, so maybe it'll do better this summer. The pink (or purple?) one we planted didn't make it through the winter.
How awful to have those vicious dogs running loose, and to have neighbors who are so thoughtless, and irresponsible with their animals. Poor Fuzzy!
I'll certainly pray for Reva. Poor girl, she's really been through a rough time.
Hope you have a wonderful vacation! Take care.

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
Your blooms are all lovely. Our Rose of Sharon is nearly finished. Sorry to hear about Reva's health issues. I've said a prayer for her.
Enjoy your break!