Saturday, September 27, 2008

And....The Winner is.....

YIPEE!!!! a little bragging here, but I can't help it I'm just so proud of my daughter Sharon. She's worked hard for this well deserving win. This morning Sharon ran with 6,000 other participants in the Susan G. Komen, 5K Race For The Cure in Lexington, Kentucky and came in First. We're all just so proud of her...did I already say that? Well it can't be said enough.
Sharon has been a participant in this race for the last 9 years as a breast cancer survivor. It's hard to see her First Place Trophy because it's clear so you may have to click on the picture to enlarge it. I didn't get the name of the gentleman presenting her with her trophy, but the story's not about him anyway. That didn't sound nice did it?

Oh, I forgot to mention that when you click on the picture, that you'll see her two little skinned knees. She was accidentally tripped by another runner at the very start of the race, but she didn't cry...she just got right back up and continued on. What a brave little trooper I've raised.

The second picture was taken last Saturday when she placed 3rd in the Spoon Bread Festival's 5K Run. As her brother says, "Sharon loves to run and she's good at it." She takes after her dad and we may have to give her his nickname....the galloping ghost.

Go Sharon!

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Alipurr said...

congrats Sharon!!