Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Are we saving gas?

NO! But we're sure having fun getting there. We could all ride together, in one car, but what fun would that be?

Today was the first time I'd seen Zac's 1300cc Hayabusa. I'd seen a picture of it on his blog the day he picked it up, but today he brought it over to our house. It's pretty and I might add, that it's REALLY FAST. Of course he had to scare all of us old folks and do a wheeley or two on it.

It was just a short ride for Jimmy, Sharon & I today. All four of us hopped on our bikes and went to the neighboring town to get something to eat for supper. Zac had to ride all the way from his home in Winchester to visit. I shouldn't say, had to, because he loves riding just as much as we do, and we never have to ride anywhere. We only do it because we love it.

Below is Sharon begging Zac to let her take a ride on his new bike. Zac's response is, "not without tennis shoes on...not with those flip flops on your feet!"

You see who won don't you...flip flops and all.

There she goes and when she returned she said that she never even got it out of first gear. So she asked Zac how fast do you need to go before you put it in second gear and he said, "60 mph." That prompted my next question of how many gears are on that thing, and he said there were six.

After our meal, Zac went to meet his sister Megan and the rest of us came on home.

It's going to be hard keeping up with Zac and his bike from now on. We ride cruisers and that's exactly what we do...cruise around, taking our time to enjoy the ride as well as to see the sights. Jimmy & I are never in any hurry to get anywhere, (of course unless it's through big city traffic which I usually avoid at all costs).

Be very careful Zac....I can't stress that enough!


Tomas Dennis said...

I thought the trend was "Harley" type hogs. I think that bike looks to fast to enjoy.

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I want a bike!!! looks like so much fun.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Dennis...This is the bike choice of the younger generation.

daybyday4-2day....It's great fun!

Rachel said...

It's pretty but it looks FAST! Yes, by all means, DO BE CAREFUL ZAC.

There are some that go past our house on ones that look similiar to that and they fly. If anything ran out in front of them it'd be all over. Very scary.

Looks like Ryan's was the meal choice!! Yum!

Kerri said...

Wow, that's a snazzy bike! I know Zac is a sensible kid, but I'd still be feeling a little apprehensive about the speed.
I think Sharon is quite a bit like her mom ;)

Susan said...

Sometimes you just gotta get out there on the road and forget about the gas! We labor all year so we can enjoy Labor Day, right? Sounds like a great time.

JunieRose2005 said...

Hey Sandy,

I enjoyed reading all this about your fun on the bikes! And WOW! Yes-a cool looking bike Zac has!!

Hope you ALL keep safe!!