Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Daisy is feeling very mellow these days

It all started when we found a rather large knot on Daisy's neck which was restricting her being able to bend her head down to take a drink of water. We first noticed that she would only sit in front of her water dish and not drink. Then we noticed that she wasn't eating either and losing weight. That's when we found the knot and rushed her over to the vets office.

We were so proud of Daisy at the vets office...she was so good and stayed completely still as the vet drew three things full of blood for her tests. While waiting for the test results he gave us two different kinds of antibiotics for her to take every 12 hours. That was on a Friday and we were to bring her back in on Monday for a biopsy of the knot, but by Monday the knot had gotten much smaller and all of her tests were normal.

By the end of two weeks the knot was completely gone, but now we had a new problem. Daisy had developed a problem with urinary frequency...going only a drop at a time and most times it was a false alarm. She was in and out of her litter box several times a minute, hundreds of times a day. Poor kitty, I felt so bad for her having experienced that problem once or twice myself.

The previous vet bill had been so high that I called for advice this time and was told that if he couldn't see Daisy, then we needed to collect a urine sample and bring that in for the vet to test. He said he only needed three drops....yeah right! This is the same vet that called us one night and told us that we needed to do an enema on the wildcat we had just brought home from major surgery that afternoon...yeah right!

You have to get creative when you have pets, so I fashioned a piece of aluminum foil into a small spoon-like shape and followed Daisy into the litter box each time she went, and after about 3 hours I finally got what looked like three drops of urine. We rushed the foil to the vet and he found that she had no infection, but found crystals & blood in her urine. He said she was peeing sand, OUCH. He questioned us further about her diet and we told him that she sometimes threw-up her Meow M*x. He said that she was apparently getting too much salt in her diet. Our cats don't eat table scraps, they're strickly cat food junkies.

Jimmy & I walked out of the vets office with more antibiotics, a case of prescription diet canned cat food and Valium (diazipan)....not for us, but for the cat!
Can you believe that....a cat on Valium?
It's a first for us and my mouth must have dropped open when the vet told us because he then began to explain all the reasons that she needed to take the Valium.

Did you notice how relaxed Daisy looks in the picture? She looked really loopy in some of the pictures, but I picked out one where she just looks relaxed. She's funny to watch because sometimes while she's drinking her water she just falls over and doesn't do anything to catch herself; she just keeps on drinking, doesn't miss a beat as if nothing happened.


Tomas Dennis said...

What we do for our pets. I always say that the next time that happens I am not going to the vet. I always go. The last time we had an emergency with a cat we told the vet it would be awhile before he got paid but it was a choice of putting the cat under or some surgery; we chose the surgery; and was the cat grateful? Yes she was very happy to be free of the pain and she understood that we did make feel better.
It is nice to make a cat feel better and hopefully Daisy will get the right treatment and relax enough to clear her system of those crystals.
Maybe a change in her diet will solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she is in good hands.Can I be your cat:)

Kerri said...

Oh, poor Daisy! I do hope she soon gets over whatever the problem is. You and Jimmy are wonderful 'kitty parents' :)
She certainly does look relaxed :)