Saturday, December 27, 2008

A day of peace & tranquility

Yesterday Jimmy & I exchanged our Christmas gifts to each other just as the sun was rising in the morning sky. It was so peaceful and quiet here unlike what it had been like the day before on Christmas Day.
Jimmy & I had agreed that we would not be buying each other a Christmas gift because there is nothing that we need or want. We feel blessed by our bounty and have no where else to store any more stuff. I kept to the agreement and didn't buy him anything.....I made him a muffler/scarf to keep his neck, ears & shoulders warm during these cold wintry days, but we were both surprised by the fact that we each had the same thoughts of surprising each other with gifts the day after Christmas.

Today, neither of our gifts were very practical as we thought they would be for this time of year. It was 72 degrees today and so warm in the house that we had to turn off the heat. One of the presents that Jimmy gave me was a beautiful royal blue, very plush & warm robe that was much too warm to wear even as I got up this morning before sunrise.

I'm sure that this mild weather won't last for long, but since it was here, Jimmy took advantage of it and went for a ride. I stayed at home because I was trying to figure out why my cell phone wasn't bluetooth-ing my pictures to my new laptop. I never got the problem solved but it's no big deal and I'm not going to worry about it. One of my grandsons or my granddaughter Megan will show me how it's done. These kids know all of the tricks about computing.

Although I tried to send as many Christmas goodies home with the kids, I still have plenty of goodies left to eat. The kids mostly took the real food...the nutritious kind and I still have the chocolate & peanut butter fudges. They did take the extra loaves of Banana Nut Bread and some of their favorite cookies, the choking cookies.
They call them, "mom's choking cookies" because if you accidentally breathe in while eating one, you's the powdered sugar coating. They're a Christmas Tradition at our house and so far I'm the only one who has choked on that darn powdered sugar coating.

I'm watching "Third Rock from the Sun" right now and it's so silly that I think I've just added another eight years to my life. Life is good.


Tomas Dennis said...

I am sure by now the warm weather has changed in your area and the wind and storms have arrived. It is 35 degrees outside this morning on the western part of this state.

Kerri said...

We had a mild 60ยบ this afternoon, but the wind was chilly. Ross and I had trouble thinking up gifts for each other too. He bought me an early gift, and can't keep a secret, so he gave it to me :) I ended up with a couple of other early gifts too, so then he fretted about not having anything for me under the tree. He did think of one surprise though, and I thought of a few for him. A new robe was on my wish list, but I haven't found one I like yet. Of course, I've only looked in one store so far. Your new royal blue robe sounds lovely.
Third Rock from the Sun was a favorite of mine. Wish we could get it on our TV, but no cable here.
We had a lovely Christmas but are really enjoying the peace and quiet and relaxation after the Christmas rush.

Anonymous said...

We have went from 3 degrees to 70.
Crazy weather.
I love a nice cozy robe,Jimmy is to sweet!

Anonymous said...

Our weather this week has been crazy... freezing, then snow then ice storm then rain then 60 now today back to fidget cold.

... Paige said...

How wonderful. We go from A/C to heat in one days time and then the opposite for the following day.
Hey wait a minute someone turned winter back on...
Happy New Year

Pear tree cottage! said...

With your warmer weather and our looking for a blanket to put on our bed here I do wonder!!!! I think the no gift and then a surprise to each is a wonderful lot of fun!!!! I remeber a few years ago my husband bought me a robe all the way from America it came in the post and I so wanted to see what was in the parcel to him but not until Christmas day......and there it was the most beautiful robe all warm and covered with mooses and pine trees (country heaven!) for me. I still have that robe and use it almost every day.......good memories.

Wishing you a lovely New Year and while I often see you visitng the same blogger friends as I it is hard to visit all I wish to but today find myslef at your blogger door pleased to be visitng and to wish you well.

see you again - Lee-ann

PEA said...

Well it's no wonder it's so darn frigid here, you've got all the heat! lol The weather certainly has been very odd lately. Glad to hear you had such a peaceful Christmas:-) Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year, may 2009 be a blessed one for you!! xoxo

Yolanda said...

Hope you have a wonderful New Year.