Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Matt

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It's hard to believe that Matt is 22 years old today, but he is. That makes me 22 years older than I was on that cold snowy day when his 22 year old mother gave birth to him.

Happy Birthday Matt!

While over at Suzanne's today I took the opportunity of taking a picture of the stage that Matt & Tori's house is at. There's not a whole lot left to finish inside, but it's getting down to the really expensive stuff. The driveway, porch, back patio & steps were poured this past week, but the yard still needs to be leveled up and some top soil brought in along with some sod. I didn't walk close to the house because the ground is very soft and muddy and I would be tempted to walk inside, but I wouldn't dare with muddy shoes. The long cement driveway was corded off so no one would walk or drive on it yet. Once the driveway cures I'll go over and take more pictures. I took this picture from near Suzanne's front's zoomed in for better viewing.

Matt & Tori weren't at home today when Jimmy & I stopped by to wish him a Happy Birthday: They were off having some birthday fun, picking out counter tops and organizing a big delivery for tomorrow. Matt took on the big job of being his own contractor and he's done very well. We're really proud of him and how he has gotten so much done and everyone to show up when they are supposed to show up. It's been frustrating at times I'm sure, but he doesn't complain and just does what he can to help get things moving.

Matt...We love you very much and have a VERY Happy Birthday!
Grandma & Grandpa Jimmy


Tomas Dennis said...

Happy Birthday Matt
Love your new home

Motherkitty said...

The house looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see pictures of the inside. Give Matt and Tori our love.

Anonymous said...

so proud of Matt! happy Birthday we love you